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The trauma of a Histamine allergy, non Tinnitus and its Psychological trauma in mental health symptoms.


Histamine is a bodily function created by the nitrogenous compound (nitrogen from breathing atmosphere in sleep and daytime relaxation methods). This has the involvement with autoimmune responses of the day/night/day continuum. It also has methods of digestion in regulating the body functions in the gut and also acting as a neurotransmitter via the Spinal Embryonic Fluids. The production of the latter is via the body/brain equilibrium of a balanced diet that feeds the life force in the lungs as well. Part of the Vagus nerve is involved in the guts functionality as it controls the vital organs in the body. The Vagus nerve also has implications to the vocal reactions via the Glossopharyngeal nerve in the lower jaw that relates to the trauma of Tardive Dyskinesia of inner trauma of Psycho-effective voices. The physical side of the latter condition is physically known as Glossopharyngeal neuralgia.


Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia is a condition whereby there are repeated episodes of pain in the ears, tongue and throat and the tonsils. This pain can last from seconds to minutes. Scary, but it is necessary to the state of alleviating towards Psychosocial mental wellbeing as an Ego Identity. That means someone that has re-established themselves away from the trauma of mental health illness.


Histamine exerts its effects by binding to G protein-coupled histamine receptors, designed in evolution towards the bodily electro-chemical receptors known as H1 – H4. This area relates to sublime trauma of mental illness via: acute-phase proteins in the G protein-coupled receptors of Traumatic Pathogenic Delta Waves Amplitudes in the trauma of the non Tinnitus frequencies.


In binding to the H2 receptor, histamine is protonated at the end-chain (finality) amine group. This amine group interacts with aspartic acid in the transmembrane domains of the receptor (body/brain links). The other nitrogens interact with threonine and aspartic acid in different transmembrane domains – collectively - this is referred to as a three-pronged interaction. Bringing the transmembrane domains close to each other, it initiates a signal transduction cascade. Even Psycho Social stimulants of scent and Buzz echoes to the inner ear where: the trauma of the non Tinnitus frequency is the body/brain barrier of a traumatizing mental illness; are part of the cascade. This cascade is a state of other electro-chemicals reducing the state of the electro-chemical signals given in the body/brain divide and Tinnitus frequency Dissension and sublime trauma of hearing sublime voices in the head due to acute-phase proteins and Sublime walkers of Delta Waves in the trauma of Tinnitus. These that are relayed via the Core Identity Buzz echo in the inner sublime trauma of the voice box and back to the Inner 'Traumatic Pathogenic echo'' Experience. It is a Plasticity of Psycho Social trauma of the non Tinnitus frequencies of modern Homeostatic frequencies that relate to Bicameral-ism and the trauma of modern electrical media devices. It should be noted that all of the known physiological trauma reactions of histamine are a series of weak interactions or sublime trauma of Delta Wave notions of the Inner 'ear' Experience.


Histamines H1, H2 and H3 are an issue where the trauma of Anxiety, traumatic Paranoia and traumatizing Panic can lead to the trauma of voices in Delta Waves and acute-phase proteins that lack Dopamine and Omega 3,6,9 that derives from Hemp oil (cannabis) in supermarkets in the U.K. Also, the trauma of sublime frequencies in non Tinnitus Psychosis of verbalised Schizophrenia. It also has implications to other traumas of Psycho-effective disorders of sublime voices and the trauma of voices in the head. H1-H4 I say are the weak reaction of many mental health clients via: exerting H1-H4 effects by binding to the trauma of acute-phase proteins in the G protein-coupled histamine receptors. These are the causation of voices of Buzzing noise echoes descending down to commonalities of traumatic H1-H4 Histamines of the trauma of Delta Wave sleepwalking effects. This extends to where conscious Tinnitus is not just a notion but, the trauma of acute-phase proteins in H1-H4 G Protein-coupled receptors of Traumatic Pathogenic toxins of Histime causing the trauma of acute chronic inflammation of acute-phase proteins and Delta Wave Tinnitus frequency Amplitude where conscious Tinnitus is not present.


This trauma of sublime semiconscious sleep walking is a trauma of sublime mental illness that is induced by traumatized Delta wave amplitudes and the trauma of acute-phase proteins that has been seen in rats. These rats show high levels of Histamines in the brain. This is due to subliminal waking modes where you are actually sleepwalking. It is because of H1-H4 over-production in Traumatic Pathogen toxins of an Enzyme Plasticity system Rewarding with the trauma of acute-phase proteins in a traumatic Delta Wave Amplitude of G protein-coupled histamine receptors.


H4 receptors modulate eosinophil migration and selective recruitment of mast cells leading to amplification of histamine-mediated immune responses and eventually to Traumatic Pathogen toxins of acute-phase proteins and the trauma of chronic inflammation in the trauma of the body/brain barrier of the Vagus nerve. Omega 3,6,9 may reduce chronic brain inflamation of the trauma of acute-phase proteins and bring the traumatic Delta Wave Amplitude back to THETA Wave Amplitudes. The only problem with this view of illegal drugs is the medical system needs to look at chronic states of the trauma of mental illnesses and giving Dopamine or a high such as cannabis to alleviate high levels of Delta Wave Tinnitus frequencied Abnormal to be Normalized clients. Hemp oil from the supermarket is an obvious choice though. The trauma of acute-phase proteins needs a device such as cannabis that changes the state of the trauma of the Tinnitus frequency Wave Amplitude away from Delta Dysfunctions to a THETA Wave Amplitude where the trauma of Paranoia can be safely treated via Dopamine.


In the trauma of the Peripheral nervous system (PNS) the ability to become alert to sights and sounds is the dysfunction in the trauma of mental health illnesses due to H1 imbalances caused by motion sickness not being acknowledged as a physical side effect of the trauma of mental health medications. The trauma of Delta Waves are Slow Wave sleep are the trauma of mental motion sickness are caused by Psychosocial Buzz echoes lacking Dopamine that is combined with acute-phase proteins of G Protein-couple receptors in the Nitrogenous scent of a reversal of the day/night/day continuum.


Explained another way, the motion sickness is your Psychosocial dysfunction caused in the sleep/wake cycle of how a person should react to outer stimulus of the Core Identity (Self) during wakefulness and not in constant trauma of 'Rest and Digest' of

'Dissasociation' because of Buzzing echoes to the inner ears and the trauma of sublime notions from a depleted Body mentalist Histamine H1-H4 Reinforcement of the Bicameral trauma of a  Body Mentalism to the trauma of voices, traumatizing Anxiousness, The trauma of Paranoia Disorders and traumatic Panic Disorders because the system will not legalise cannabis to alleviate the new Adaptation in many of walking in a Delta Wave Amplitude of trauma of the Tinnitus frequency. So saying the trauma of Histamines may be in H1-H4 weak Reinforcements of Plasticity of the trauma of the Delta Wave Tinnitus frequency of the night/day continuum. It is because of a lack of Dopamine causing a lack of Motivation to Psycho Social Reinforcements of notions and motions. Notions and motions that a Core Identity will naturally motivate towards via a Tyrosine supplement. So saying if Histamine is excreted via the urea in urine via a Sodium Bicarbonate then Traumatic Pathogens in Histamines and their binding to G protein-coupled histamine receptors of acute-phase proteins of chronic Inflammation.


The lack of motion sickness that some drugs give via a pleasurable dizzy feeling. Alpha Lipoic Acid and 5-HTP are great for this and are used to treat the trauma of Depression and the trauma of Insomnia and the extreme Anxiety trauma of Kundalini (over 18's only). This is further explained via the body mentalist notional reactions of looking up at someone approaching you via Dopamine excitory reactions to a Psychosocial stimulant. Even to the crowds noisy Buzz that should cause you to become alert again. So yes trauma of mental health illnesses and Tyrosine has a lot going for it. Where an overloaded Histamine of the trauma of acute-phase proteins and Delta Wave consciousness in human biology of Psychological trauma system that has been created by the nitrogenous compounds of Psycho Social Buzz echoes of the Norm of Societies Interpellation to the trauma of madness. Nitrogen from breathing atmosphere in Script of Delta Wave Amplitude Tinnitus of Psycho Social electro-chemical Core Identity sleepers and timed Tinnitus frequency relaxation methods of Psychosocial Solidarities of Fashion Trends striving for uniqueness. This view from Delta Wave Tinnitus frequencies of Psychosocial group meetings for traumatized clients building an Abnormal to be Normal Fashion Trend. Cannabis is an answer with a vitamin B compound to help alleviate the trauma of Paranoia that can be a side effect of THETA Waved Frequencies. That's in a Core Identity of trauma of the day/night/day continuum of the trauma of Histamine H1-H4 suffering their affects via Psychosocial Interpellation to the new disease of Psychological trauma of acute-phase proteins of Histamine and Delta Wave sublime Psycho Social standards of Social Mobility.


In Homeostatic Psycho Social scent of nitrogenous compounds Traumatic Pathogen toxins of Gastric Enzyme stimulants that feed the Vagus nerve of Metropolis as Delta Wave Amplitudes of Psycho Social Script and its localized Tinnitus frequencies Buzzing Homeostatically with the Buzz echoes of evolutionary Social Sciences of Script noises. This trauma of sublime noises are Historical Insignificance that wind and air travel within the Earthly Homeostasis. This I say Script narration of Tinnitus frequency that prevails Rewards via the trauma of Delta Wave Amplitude of Plasticity in acute-phase proteins and Core Identity Reinforcements of Body Mentalist attitude of defiencies. This is from a lack of conscious cognitive levels above the Circadian Cycle of sleep known as Slow Wave sleep which Delta Wave Amplitudes are evolutionarily processed in terms of Psychological trauma that THETA Waves of cannabis of supermarket hemp oil (a cannabis as is pure THC in hop pollen in some alcohol) and Dopamine D2 prevent. This I say is a Deviant that must be looked at if Delta Wave induced states of sublime trauma of sleepwalking from Histamine overdoses H1-H4, then so be it legalise cannabis and treat the trauma of Paranoia with Alpha Lipoic Acid and L- Carnitine and 5-HTP if they are 18 years plus?:! And Omega 3,6,9 oil.


In a mutual interaction network with other neurotransmitter systems, brain histamine is implicated in basic homeostatic and higher brain functions, including sleep–wake regulation (back to THETA Wave rather than the Realms Darker that the Taste/smell of Coffee of researching conscious Delta Waves of Psychosocial Royal Societies of calm). Also the circadian and feeding rhythms, immunity, learning and memory. Thus, in addition to the predominately H1 receptor-mediated actions on smooth muscle and modulation of Traumatic Pathogenic toxins from G protein-coupled histamine receptors in the body/brain barrier. The main functions of the trauma of histamine includes gastric acid secretion and the Vagus nerve basically via H2 receptors of the trauma of the body/brain barrier and its neurotransmission in the central nervous system largely via H3 receptor signalling in the body/brain barrier.


A traumatic PNS effect that can cause the Sympathetic nervous system (SNS) to cause that sublime alertness in the sleep-wake regulation of sublime wakefulness of Abnormal to be Normal.  At this point confusion can be caused but can lead to the trauma of Anxiety or traumatic panic. The trauma of Panic is the natural effect of the Sympathetic nerve causing the need for more communication. That's instead of the trauma of sublime Tardive Dyskinesia and trauma of panic is the result of Delta Waves and sublime reactions of medications on the inner voice box of the Inner 'thought' Experience is the result in some. Medication should cause dizziness or alertness because conversation may not be from interpersonal devices. Dizziness is the balance point of THETA sleep where the body/brain barrier of conscious and sublime wordlessness exists prior to full NREM sleep patterns that begins at Slow Wave patterns beginning prior to NREM2. In the trauma of your mental health your Sympathetic Nervous System has been removed from Fight or Flight, causing irrational states in the wake/sleep divide of the THETA and Alpha amplitude Tinnitus frequency pleasure. So instead of a naturally evolving state of Delta-Alpha wave of daily routines cannabis and Dopamine D2 can remove the Delta Wave state and replace with THETA Waves. Dopamine D2 can Alleviate the trauma of Paranoia via alertness of a new 'Ignorance' to Delta Waves. This gives the trauma of mentality re-stabilisation in the day/night/day continuum of a Cortical reboot. The latter is the art of blinking momentary unconsciousness to stabilise the mind/body barrier in the daytime. Cannabis and THETA states of the natural Circadian Circle introduces the dizzy state that exists in that moments of time before NREM2 in the day/night/day continuum.







The first instigation into a mental health state is confusion that leads to the trauma of Histamine anxiousness of uncoordinated bodily motion in your B3, B6 and B9 vitamins of Nutraceutic reactions to the Norm of Societies noises and sounds (physical trauma of Vertigo and nausia). This is a state of the electro-chemical soup (Script and localized Performances) that you carry around as your own digestive juices of reactions keeping you conscious. Or put another way the loss of Theory of Mind (reactions) to overt behavioralism in the Buzzed echo of Delta Wave trauma of lacking Core Idenity Tinnitus noise when in a Setting (establishment) and Performance (your character reactions) in ‘localised’ Script (Erving Goffman). The Setting is the establishment and the Performance relates to how you and others react to sublime notions as a whole scene of sublime interactions reacting to one and other’s. These come from the crowds Buzz of noise and the electro-chemical soup of scent that you take to your home for sleep analysis (Symbolic Data Analysis).


In the Core Identity (Self) paranoia or anxiety may start to develop if your traumatic Delta Wave of Histamine H3 induced Psychosocial Buzz that does not cause the desired effect of alerting you as a person in your Sympathetic nervous system (brain and heart) response of needing to relocate to another position in a Performance (relative to spiritual locations). This can cause the emergence of a panic attack or anxiousness. Here the need to escape is not defined in your Core Identity because there is no conscious reason to physically escape. Even that of going to the bar for another drink or finding a need to move to another Performance area, such as, “I have drunk enough coffee - enough I’m going home”. Those are the physical excuses that you need to develop if you feel yourself becoming confused, anxious or suffering a panic attack. This website and the related E-books deal in Self-Behavioural Analysis (SBA).


Paranoia can set into your Core Identity in the day/night/day continuum (sleep/waking trauma of the Histamine H3 barriers) if the immune system cannot obtain the necessary balance of electro-chemical re-stabilization for the next day’s interaction in societal functioning of the noised Buzz. This I say can be caused by a low Histamine content in the body/brain barrier and causes a dysfunction in the conscious state of your minds thinking processes.


Metabolites (digestion system) of histamine are increased in the cerebrospinal fluid of people with the Psychological trauma of mental schizophrenia disease. While the efficiency of H1 Histamine receptor binding sites (body/brain barrier) in your biological digestion and breath health is decreased. Many antipsychotic medications have the effect of decreasing histamine production as an antagonist, because its use seems to be imbalanced in people with that disorder.


You have a computer so look up some of the words you do not understand, “That’s how I started my written works on this website”.

So once Interpellation (scent interaction) in the Psychosocial Buzz assesses that the body/brain lacks the necessary Histamines the cascade effect causes the state of Paranoid mental Schizophrenia disease via the trauma of Histamine D3, or other Psycho-effective disorders of sublime voices due to yourself becoming sleepy. Seek advice if you feel confused or are feeling anxious for absolutely no apparent reason. Medication should stabilize the lack of those antagonists. They should cause you an alert reaction to the approach of someone towards your aura or a noise should make you look upwards. Those are the two effects of mental health medicaments: pleasant dizziness or alertness.


Histamine is released as a neurotransmitter. The cell bodies of histamine neurons (electro-chemicals dividing the brain/body) are found in the posterior hypothalamus, in the tuberomammillary nuclei. From here, these neurons project throughout the brain, including towards the cortex, through to the medial forebrain bundle. Histamine neurons increase wakefulness and prevent sleep. Classically, antihistamines (H1 histamine receptor antagonists) which cross the blood-brain (to the body) barrier produce drowsiness. Antagonists are the curing system that wipe out those bothersome H1 Histamine. This H1 receptor causes a lack of blinking into Cortical rebooting because of Alpha waves causing an allergic reaction of eventually falling into D3 sleepwalking. When Alpha waves become strong the result causes a Slow Wave Sleep response of Dopamine D3 Delta waves.


Newer antihistamines are designed to not cross into the brain and so do not have this effect. Similar to the effect of older antihistamines, destruction of histamine releasing neurons, or inhibition of histamine synthesis leads to an inability to maintain vigilance (causing drowsiness) via a Sympathetic nerve dysfunction that should in fact cause the ‘Disassociation’ and Harmony Response Mechanism of vitamin B3, B6 and B9 from hemp oil. A cannabis you can buy from main supermarkets That's instead of towards a traumatic panic attack or leading to the trauma of confusion. A traumatic panic attack or the trauma of confusion are a physical feeling and the use of medication here inhibits the extension into traumatic anxiety or furtherance to the trauma of paranoia and sublime trauma of voices.


H3 receptor antagonists increase wakefulness but may also increase the alertness towards conscious sightfulness and Psychosocial sublime traumatic Buzz echo sounds of traumatic noise in what is your Buzzed interaction via the traumatized Peripheral nervous system (PNS). Antagonists cause the cascade effect I mentioned earlier and are what medicaments are meant to cause. This is via making you look towards that PNS sublime interaction as ‘Disassociation’ or ‘Fight or Flight’. That is what confirms facial and body ignorance acceptance to your Performance in a power struggle of your Theory of mind and how the bodies of narration purvey your own life story in the trauma of the Traumatic Pathogenic toxins of Histamines H1-H4. It’s a bit like a body/brain reaction via blood interaction of life’s negotiations’ within societal interactions towards the standards of power plays in the life and death narration causes Script of commonalities. The latter is known as Fashion Trends where similarities are a complex system that your electro-chemicals of body cause your brain functions to look and hear other similar sounds and sightfulness.


Histaminergic neurons (electro-chemicals) have a wakefulness-related chemical firing pattern in the normality of how humanity naturally responds to circumstances of human electro-chemical evolution, but also the forming evolution of Adaptation of Bicameral Histamine the trauma of induced sublime semiconscious walkers. These chemicals are a part of the

soup that is caused in your Psychosocial of ‘localised’ Script (Spiritual homeostasis) interaction.  


The Histamine reaction releases chemicals rapidly during waking and fire more slowly during periods of relaxation/tiredness (Parasympathetic nerve) of ‘Rest and Digest’ or ‘Ignore’ in the day. They completely stop firing during REM (dreaming) and NREM (non-REM) sleep.


Nearly all countries of the Earth have systems in societies of both Norm and Abnormal that create a Theta state of mind. These are a natural culture that may involve many common food products such as alcohols and incense as well as cannabis use in all western societies. The problem with cannabis however is a lack of Serotonin or Glutamate the issue with loss of intuition and perception and how cannabis forms hunger in the appetite system? chemicals.....well take a look at the picture and decide.


                                                                   Interpellation that is: (chemical stimulus of interaction causing Fashion Trend                        

                                                                   conjoining in a Setting). This can be seen as a dysfunction that can cause a lack  

                                                                   of Cortical rebooting via the daytime of the Parasympathetic nervous system

                                                                   causing the lack of blinking into a momentary shutting down of the consciousness.  

                                                                   In that state of momentary blinking many sufferers of mental illness lack the ability

                                                                   to blink into Cortical rebooting that does cause the re-stabilisation of the conscious

                                                                   state of mind.




                                                                   The immune system is affected by sleep and rest. sleep deprivation is detrimental              

                                                                   to the immune function. Conscious sleepwalking is a bi-product of mental illness in        

                                                                   the ‘Rest and Digest’ of the Parasympathetic nervous system where Cortical

                                                                   rebooting (blinking into momentary unconsciousness) is not achieved. So the          

                                                                   sleep becomes affected in the conscious enhancement that is Cortical rebooting of        

                                                                   the sleep/wakefulness barrier.


Complex feedback loops involving cytokines, such as interleukin-1 and tumor necrosis factor-α produced in response to infection, may also play a role in the regulation of non-rapid eye movement in the days circadian cycle of Cortical rebooting. This I say is the day/night/day continuum. So the immune response to sublime infection may result in changes to the circadian cycle, including an increase in slow-wave sleep relative to REM sleep (daydreaming). In the Circadian Cycle of the day/night/day continuum the immune system may have an effect of mental health inabilities via the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system harmony of that spiritual evolved continuum. This then causes sleep to enter the day system as a sleepwalking effect of sublime hearing of paranoid schizophrenia and other disorders involving Script narration of the Lower voice of significance. These are sublime voices as the Self of interpretations to noise and sounds. At its lesser extent it is the starting formula of Psychosocial reactants of anxiety and the first form of confusion.


In its relativity to Anxiety that builds from confusion. Confusion builds when confidence is compromised via the Psychosocial Buzz of the crowd’s humdrum of noises in its sublime reactions to the conscious stimulants of noises and sublime vocal worded babbled nonsense sounds’ that the spiritual Self relates its life force to. This is the point where electro-chemicals can become confused in the body/brain divide of Interpellation. In truth of the Norm of Society that is the sounds on the next table telling the football results. Whether that is heard in babble or otherwise you may find yourself repeating them as a continuance of the Psychosocial interaction of conversing or even a mental health aspect of denying those sublime voices. Either way, learning to redirect the

hearing into normality is a key stage of denying and accepting those extended voices you have been told are delusional by ‘babble doctor Mediums’.


This page relates to how you are seeing Peripheral reactions (sublime reactions)as a traumatized noise of Buzz echo of your Delta Wave Amplitude via semi-consciousness. That is if you hear the trauma of hearing voices of traumatized voices in the head.  Also your lack of sightfulness (alertness to Psychosocial approaches) in the Parasympathetic nervous system via the traumatized body mentalist of Ignorance. In the Parasympathetic nerve that is directly conjoining from the Tramatized Vagus nerve reacting to the brains chemical system of food regulation in the immune system. It is via the traumatization of the body/brain barrier as acute-phase proteins traumatized Bicameral Human of Delta Wave Amplituder, the new Psychiatric phenomenom of non-physical illness phenomena of no proof ?:? This traumatized Delta Wave semiconscious Bicameral is in a Traumatized G Protein-coupled receptor bio-system of the trauma of Delta Wave Amplitude. In the trauma of Tinnitus frequency inclusion because Psychiatry got it wrong with: the stabilising of creating a new Psycho Social system of Delta Wave Amplituders instead because the Police don't want cannabis THETA wave Amplituders of Psycho Social interference, but then what of hemp oil and hop pollen of pure THC in lagers and ales and bruins and space cakes Owl Ward, Radlett.


In addition to the negative consequences of sleep and the intertwined circadian system (body clock) of daytime acute-phase proteins interaction as a traumatized Delta Wave Amplituder it could show to have strong regulatory effects on the immunes functionality. But that affects both the innate and the adaptive immunity of social noises and sublime voices that creates Interpellation in the electro-chemical soup of healthiness. This causes effects in my route of - escaping mental illness – of a non-physical illness phenomena of mental illnesses (Tardif Dyskinesia) instead of a physical condition such as Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia.


Finally, in the early stages of slow-wave-sleep, a sudden drop in blood levels of cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine induce increased blood levels of the hormones leptin, pituitary growth hormone (as do the rats), and prolactin. Think about it - food - but especially water with mineral supplements as well.....Read the E-books as they are all the Joe Bloggs of myself before my University education (yes I was nothing at school other than streetwise). This website is explained as someone that became streetwise in Psychology through Psychiatric treatment. Medicaments need more Psychosocial (public destiny) input such as a new movement where both sides of mental illness doctors’ need the spiritual addition of breaking their secrecies over decades of psychobabble...voices what are some doctors they don’t exist.

Please be careful how you place this in your sublimed Buzz of the trauma of voice echoes of your head.......


Here is some information regarding foods and the antihistamines that occur naturally in these products. Bioflavonoids (antihistamines) supplements can be bought from websites such as

Flavonoids (specifically flavanoids such as the catechins) are "the most common group of polyphenolic compounds in the human diet and are found in plant material”. Flavonols, the original bioflavonoids such as quercetin, are also found, but in lesser degrees. The widespread distribution of flavonoids both in variety and also the relatively low toxicity compared to other active plant compounds mean that humans digest significant quantities into their dietary system. Foods with a high flavonoid content include onions and berries, green tea and oolong tea, bananas, all citrus fruits, Ginkgo biloba, sea-buckthorns. They can also be found in dark chocolate (where the cocoa content is 70% or higher). Further information on dietary sources of flavonoids can be obtained from the US Department of Agriculture in the flavonoid database.



Parsley, contains flavones.


Blueberries are a dietary source for anthocyanidins.


Black tea is also a rich source of the human dietary flavan-3-ols.


The skin of Peanuts (red) also contain a significant amount of polyphenol. That also includes flavonoids.


Citrus fruits

The citrus flavonoids include hesperidin (a glycoside of the flavanone hesperetin), quercitrin, rutin (two glycosides of the flavonol quercetin), and the flavone tangeritin.


Red Wine

Polyphenols are present in




Flavonoids occur naturally in cocoa. However, because they can be bitter in taste, they are often removed from chocolate, sometimes even dark chocolate. Flavonoids also occur in milk chocolate, but the milk may interfere with digestion. However this ideal has been questioned though.


Bioflavonoids supplements can be bought from websites such as amazon. Omega 3 fatty acids (fish oils) are also a good dietary antihistamine as is culinary (Fishery legal Terms and Conditions) hemp oil (legal in the U.K).


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