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Acute-phase Proteins and Histamine receptors are G Protein-coupled Nitrogenous compound chronic Inflammation of the Medulla Oblongata. They are of the trauma of Psychiatric Religiousness of Congruence of Cognitive Delta Wave Tinnitus Amplitude frequencies. 


The G Protein-coupled receptors are creating a human Bicameral state of new-world psychiatric the: Delta Wave Amplituder's. A Psycho Social key has already been defined in me regarding personal research into left and right traumas of Tinnitus frequencies as a Psychosocial person of Natured congruence and not denatured Carl Rogers. Acute-phase Proteins are Traumatic Pathogens of traumatized Histamine H1-H4. This creates a Bicameral Human of Delta Wave Cognitive Psychosocial acceptance of the two chambers of hemispheric cognition. But something needs to be achieve when it comes to the trauma of Psycho-effective Disorders. Hemp oil is a beginning police forces of the U.K. Many have a declassified ranking of police authoritative direction to cannabis. 


It can be seen that acute-phase proteins and a biosystem of Histamine Inflammation in the Vagus nerve of immune system of Traumatized Pathogenic Enzyme toxins that has created a human capable of semiconscious Cognition to natured sounds of what I know as Bicameral Man. 


Acute-phase Proteins cause Histamine H1-H4 Nitrogenous compound inflammation in the Traumatic Pathogen toxins of Enzymes. It is from the trauma of the liver the responds by producing a large number of Acute-phase reactants.  


Reactants are any of a number of proteins that migrate in the alpha1 and alpha2 regions of a serum protein electrophoresis, which are elevated in acute inflammation. Acute phase reactants traditionally include alpha1-antitrypsin, alpha1 acid glycoprotein. Alpha Wave Amplitudes of Tinnitus frequency are affected into THETA Wave Amplitude via hemp oil or cannabis as I found out in Amsterdam. 

Al·pha rhyth·m 

1. a wave pattern in the encephalogram in the Tinnitus frequency band of 8-13 Hz;  

2. the posterior dominant 8-13 Hz rhythm in the awake, relaxed person with eyes that practice Cognitive methods of Cortical rebooting and that attenuates with eye opening.  


The initial traumatized secretion of Cytokines into the blood stream whose - plasma concentration increase and decrease are where a traumatized mental health client has been broken in the traumatized realms of their THETA Wave Amplitudes of Tinnitus. So the bio-system uses a Ketosis body/brain barrier for optimal healthiness. That’s true especially in the trauma of Bipolar and Depression and mood swings. 

The trauma of Mood Swings and traumatized Bipolar involving Alpha Wave Amplitudes. These are a visual Peripheral stimulation of the trauma of Anxiousness and the trauma of Paranoia.  

The glucocorticoid-induced TNF-related receptor ligand (GITRL) was previously shown to be constitutively expressed at low levels in human eye, including retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cells. 

This study implicated that GITRL could be a potential candidate for regulation of the ocular immune privilege and the balance in the Medulla Oblongata between immune privilege and acute-phase Proteins inflammation of G Protein-coupled receptors of Histamine and Nitrogenous Parasympathetic breath of NREM3-4 IN. the Sympathetic and the traumatized Parasympathetic nerve of the Delta Wave Tinnitus frequency in the right hand ear. So saying the consciousness of Tinnitus alleviated the Parasympathetic right hand ear by keeping the Sympathetic nerve of peripheral head position stable and the eyes fixed in the Reward of the Harmony of Immune Privilege of attentive Disassociation and alert Ignorance.. 

Remarkably, expression of GITRL on the RPE cells abrogated RPE-mediated immunosuppression of CD3(+) T cells, implicated as a possible mechanism for ocular immune privilege. 

The inner eye represents an immune privileged mechanism which is disconnected from the immune system of the blood stream much like a Sympathetic brake of the body/brain barrier of how Peripheral mannerism’s are displayed Psychosocially. The immune privilege is supported by the RPE in two ways. First, it represents a mechanical and tight barrier which separates the inner space of the eye from the blood stream. Second, the RPE is able to communicate with the immune system in order to silence immune reaction in the healthy eye or, on the other hand, to activate the immune system in the case of disease where the traumas of Delta Wave Amplifiers suffer: subliminally traumatized.  At this point Delta Wave Cognitive Tinnitus frequencies are needed in the right hand ear for harmony of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves of peripheral cognition so as Core Identity is Reinforced. In Plasticity a non-physical illness is the result that leads to acute-phase Proteins of the Histamines H1-H4 of Nitrogenous compounds. 

By expressing enhanced yellow fluorescent protein-tagged human GITRL in human RPE cells, we investigated the significance of expression of GITRL on human ocular tissue. Confocal immunofluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry confirmed the surface expression of GITRL on RPE cells. However, a soluble form of GITRL was also detected. This study implicated that GITRL could be a potential candidate for regulation of the ocular immune privilege and the balance between immune privilege and the trauma of acute-phase Proteins inflammation of G Protein-coupled receptors in the Histamines of H1-H4. This that then creates a traumatized Psycho Social scent stimulant of a Bicameral Delta Tinnitus Wave Amplifier.  

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