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7 Chakras and Germ Layers

In the mental health issue of Chronic brain Inflammation and the 3 Germ Layers these are of the EmbryoGenesis in foetal growth to the seven Chakra healing energies. Mental health belongs to the electro-chemical system of NitroGenous Histamine Compounds. These are End-chain DNA Interpellation formulations of what should be scent and sweat . They correspond to an illness of a Psychological brain inflammation trauma in the body/brain barrier.


This is known as: a non-physical illness phenomenon defined by; the Chakra Energies and Endoderm, Mesoderm and Ectoderm meat tissue of Germ Layers. These relate to the Endothermic and Exothermic heat and cold reactions of how Peripheral sublime sensation communicate, proliferate and descend in the mental health system. It is how the brain perceives a physical body symptom as a Psychological trauma of voices in your head or that of health and fitness. It’s as the trauma of voices in your head dysfunction in the Medulla Oblongata. This is via the Pharynx and Larynx and what that creates in the inner voice box of the Throat Chakra function of the Inner thought/peace Experience of the body/brain barrier.


In the Norm of Society Harmony is achieved in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves notions and motions giving them stable emotions and feelings via body mentalist language of partially self controlled Inner daily Experience routines. Mental health needs something that can reinstall controlled Inner Experiences via motion sickness of curing Vestibular Motion Disorder in the outer/Inner Experience of Sympathetic nerve hearing levels.


Nutrition from the Solar Plexus Chakra of the gut being out of Harmony with the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves fuel injection via the brain/body barrier. This is a reaction via the Vagus nerve and the Motor function of the body/brain barrier in the Fight or Flight of the Sympathetic nerve Harmony of Interpellation of localised Homeostatic Script (destinies energy) of your life’s narration. Here, a lack of body mentalist language causes a Sympathetic effect of not wanting to look up and or the ear not attracting the Norm of Societies Psychosocial sounds correctly. These three nerves should work in Harmony to feed the Germ Layers of the brain/body barrier of the Crown and Third Eye Chakra function in mental health and Chronic Inflammation is the cause of that. That is a time of Surrender as one of my Facebook posts purveys by Sangeeta Chacko.














Chronic Inflammation in the brain - Crown and Third Eye Chakras - becomes dysfunctional to physical Adaptation illnesses of the Humanly evolved body. A non-physical illness phenomena It is those Adaptations that have evolved according to what I smell in scent release into the Autonomic system of body language skills in Psychosocial Buzz and sublime Peripheral sensations of feelings and emotions.


The Tissue of the body feeds the Chakras in our body via Homeostatic electro-chemical charging of the outer/inner electro-chemical Germ Layers. These are part of the Chakras in our body and how the inner voice box purveys the Core Identity as Inner Experiences. This is as a body language of the throats inner voice box of the Pharynx and Larynx. It’s as an Inner localisation Experience to Homeostatic DNA Interpellation of the Histamines H1-H4 as Historical Insignificance via the Germ Layers of: Endoderm; Mesoderm; and Ectoderm meat tissues of Core Identity Chakras. That is a part of how localised Script is an Interpellation of Homeostatic heat, cold/ness (a division of autonomy and a conscious sublime Inner knowing Experience), dark and light of the Peripheral Psychosocial Sensations.


Many people who hear the trauma of voices are in a state of Delta wave Energy. Delta Wave Energy Amplitudes can find a cure in Peripheral Core Identity inner thoughts via releasing Tinnitus frequency Adaptations consciously. Also in THETA brain Wave Amplitudes if you suffer voices inside your head or Anxious thoughts of Psychosis. These need research by Pharmaceutical psychological trauma drug companies into Antagonists towards NitroGenous Histamine Compounds in the H1-H4 ranges, of panic and what is paranoia hierarchy responses. Many music websites have Amplitude frequency music by the way so try The Psychological trauma of voices in your head and other Psychological mental health traumas go hand-in-hand with the unconsciousness of body interpreted as thought and voices inside head. I explain this as:  sublime cognition via Peripheral Sensation that lead to Psychosocially interactive Inner thought Experiences of the Chakras and Germ Layers of Energy. This is defined and given as conscious Core Identity Tinnitus frequency protection towards Circadian cycles of Interpellation and daily Inner Experiences.


It is known as Tardif (also known as Tardive) Dyskinesia and Vestibular Motion Disorder. This is where a lack of motion sickness causes Vestibular Motion Disorder. It needs something more from the medical Global Establishment and those industries involved in the Psychological trauma of Delta and Alpha Wave brain Amplitude dealing pharmaceutical companies.

This is a THETA cure for what entails all mental health illness in NitroGenous Histamine Compounds of hierarchy H1-H4. It’s how THETA installs swaying motion sickness likened to meditation and Yoga practises. It is in the THETA Wave Amplitudes involved in the day/night/day continuum of the barrier to wake/sleep/wake Circadian Cycles. These barriers have been broken between NREM1 and NREM2 sleep cycles of THETA. This keeps the Psychological trauma of sublime mental health issues as sublime conscious Parasympathetic Rest and Digest and Sympathetic Fight or Flight syndromes. These words are not mentally exclusive so play and fitness are also word inclusion. For example Fight or Flight is your stamina levels before you stop exercise to Rest and Digest as Harmony of mental agility in the brain/body barrier. These issues are of H1-H4 hierarchy of Psychosocial panic disorders of Sympathetic Incongruence. Also medication causes these Psychological trauma issues of Delta Wave brain Amplitudes towards Psychosocial Settings and Performances involved in Erving Goffman’s research. Without motion sickness body mentalist attitudes become subdued and stagnate. Pharmaceutical THETA drugs can cause alleviation in a Delta Wave brain Amplitude Energy that medicaments can sometimes give.


And so THETA Wave Amplitudes in Tinnitus frequency can be achieved via Pharmaceutical Companies’ medicament advancement research into THETA frequencies of motion sickness. That happens to be into the THETA brain Wave Amplitudes for Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve Harmony in the Medulla Oblongata. At this point in Pharmaceutical manufacturer’s medication: a client cannot correspond correctly to Psychosocial (biological mingling) stimulation because of Delta Wave Amplitudes in the Tinnitus and brain frequency of Amplitude Energies. This then causes what I would term a centralized Vestibular Motion Disorder of Thomas Haslwanter and many others as a body mentalist language of a mental clarity or Paranoia as a body stillness to Psycho Social energies of thoughtfulness.


This is based on Psychosocial traumatizing Anxiety and the trauma of Paranoia of Psychosocial Buzz of localised tonal Energies causing Settings of Core Identity Homeostatic Performances. Here, the panic route in the business orientated Core Identity striving for Solidarity is: the alarm bell after waking early. This then causes a Sympathetic action where the Parasympathetic stabilises the jolt to the system of mental agility.


A mental health client will only look up to see and or hear sublime ridicule instead of an alarm bell. That keeps them in sublime cognitive stillness of Psycho Social Chakra and Germ Layers of their Core Identity. It is also body language Interpellation via the Psychological trauma of the Inner voices Experience in Embodiment. That is part of how the Abnormal to be Normal are now seen in Psychosocial Interpellation of Buzzed Performance. It is because of Psycho Social stimulus via tonal aspects giving the Core Identity Delta Wave brain Amplitude stimuli via Psychosocially accepted medication and outer Chakra healing Energy causing Inner Experiences of Homeostatic Energy frequencies of evolutionary Adaptations.


In the state of THETA Wave frequencies of the head’s Crown and Third Eye Chakra radio Waves - these relay to the ears inner frequencies of blood plasma ionisation channels. This is via Chakras and Germ Layers of Historical localised Insignificances of science Interpellation. These THETA radio frequencies can cause the brain/body barrier natural Chakras in our body Energy dysfunctions of a new Homeostatic Tinnitus vision of Circuitree in the eBook Casualties of Consciousness. It is in the 7 Chakras - as I have been suffering recently in my left Root Chakra because of newly inept Psychological treatment and Theory of Mind into medicament legality placebos of Anxiousness.


Here, it is more of a brain/body barrier of the day/night/day continuum of the Central Nervous System (CNS) and the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). It is of Chakra Energies given to the Crown and Third Eye Chakras and the Germ Layers of the Endoderm, Endoderm and Ectoderm as an Endothermic and Exothermic of heat and cold homeostatic reactions. These latter three Germ Layers evolve in the EmbryoGenesis stage of foetal (before birth) development.


Helping this psychologically traumatized Delta Wave brain Amplitude power frequency system begins with body mentalist language restructuring as a Core Identity (Self). Here is where a new Identity status can be structured. It is via a needing to restructure an Ego Identity depleted of body and verbal language from medication experimentation. These form in a Facial Conformity Disorder of traumatic Paranoia, trauma of Anxiousness and the Psychological traumas including: Confabulations, Projections. Mental health and Psychosocial are a hierarchy of Psychosocial panic mentality. It’s a hierarchy Dissension of panic disorders causing laughter or mental health trauma of Slow Wave Sleepwalking the trauma of voices in the head as an End-chain of NitroGenous Histamine Compounds (H1-H4).


In the art of CBT of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy it uses body mentalist restructuring to entice the vocalization improvements necessary from the client. It is this that is what therapy of Facial Conformity Disorders suggests alteration to in the Mesoderm and Ectoderm Germ Layers. In a Facial Conformity Disorder the Energy Chakras in human body are relayed via the Endoderm of the Accessory nerve, Glossopharyngeal nerve and the Inner Experiences of agile mental fitness from the Vagus nerve. That Vagus nerve is what creates Tardive Dyskinesia in the inner voice box, throat and mouth and facial contortions via the Lacrimal and Thyroid glands.


A lack of conscious Tinnitus is a Psychological trauma of the Pharynx and Larynx towards the inner ear. The upper jaw of the Accessory nerve as the trauma of voices relayed to the inner ear via the inner voice boxes thought processes that includes the Pharynx and Larynx in Tardif Dyskinesia. This is via Germ Layers in DNA hereditary methods. But general every day blockages and dysfunctions of Chronic Inflammation of Germ Layers causes the Throat Chakra function of Inner Experiences of physical fitness and mental agility and also the Psychological trauma of voices inside head in clients.


At this point THETA Wave brain Amplitudes need to be a part of a new regime of Psychological treatment. A Pharmaceutical input of new drugs that causes THETA Motion Sickness is needed. This is in those depleted of Psychosocial Embodiment and caused Psychosocial medicine induced social exclusion from the Norm of Societies Theory of Mind. This is via medication experimentation causing blockages in the Chakras and Germ Layers in the Homeostasis of Endothermic and outer Exothermic (Endo Conjoining) Interpellation Energies of the crowds Psychosocial Buzz Energy and sounds. In the Psychological trauma of voices in my head this is either a Pharynx or Larynx (Inner throat Experiences) of dysfunctional Energies in the relay of their inner voice box Experiences of the Throat Chakras central functions of a Core Identity and the Spiritual voice of self. This is a Psychosocial Interpellation knowledge of Script narration that needs Kundalini verbalisation training to bring out the psychological trauma of voices in a Core Identity of mental health clients.


Many clients who are living with the sublime Psychological trauma of voices are living Delta Wave brain Amplitude of a religious Script narration. It’s of a Psychologically traumatizing Global terrorism of a Psycho Social scent interaction relating to scientific and fanatical Global Social Sciences of Psychosocial Religious Stigma of Historical Insignificance hierarchies. These pertain to the Psycho Social Script authorisations of Historical Insignificance of localised times. This is the barrier of mental health atrocities where the Psychosocial Norm of Society have a paranoid or anxiousness laughter in their Religiousness of Congruence in striving for solidarity with fun loving criminals of Psychosocial localisation authorisations into Script and global media devices of biological Tinnitus frequencies.


This is known as the Buzzed Inner tonal Experience of the inner ear Interpellation that most cause Ignorance via a Sympathetic nerve reaction to friends of your Fashion Trend. That’s of Ego Identities keeping Solidarity and striving for Sympathetic nerve innocence in Mother Earth’s Chakras in human body  Energies. It is via localized traumatizing Homeostasis in her Parasympathetic Script that Slow Wave Sleepwalkers mentally exist in.


That is how Psychological trauma is perceived in Delta Wave brain Energy Amplitudes of Nitrogenous Histamine Compounds. It is a day/night/day continuum of sublime Buzz of the Psychosocial Inner narration Experience. That is an Inner thought Experience of the Psychological trauma of voices of Psychosocial Self Interpellation of the tonal Buzz and Energies of thoughts created in the Chakras and Germ Layers of body language.  Its effect is Psycho Social scent reading of Self Interpellation (Chakra Energy of Psychosocial tonal Buzz in a Setting). It forms into traumatizing Anxiety and psychologically traumatic Paranoia from Psychosocial Buzzing Chakras and tones of anxious laughter caused by fun loving authoritarian Psychosocial (public) criminals.


Medication causes Delta Wave brain Amplitudes of Slow Wave Sleepwalking via brain/body barrier Energy patterns as a sublime conscious of Psychosocial (mingling) semi-cognition towards the Psychosocial Setting (public atmosphere) and Performance as an Abnormal to be Normal of Psychosocially accepted mental illness. The trauma of Psychological voices inside head that is in exuberant Sympathetic nerve Disassociation from publicly scientific stigma of Parasympathetic nerve Ignorance laughter and tonal ridicule.


This is a plea in part for science to wake up to the Harmony that is needed in the Pharynx and Larynx and Throat Chakra function. In the Inner thought Experiences of the sublime trauma of voices it is a THETA base from drugs and their motion sickness value of causing a body mentalist attitude of natural meditation and relaxing postures of calm that THETA creates. Many are Herbs and some are involved in Ayurvedic recipes. I feel Pharmaceutical Companies should involve research into legal highs. Many of these contain THETA Wave enhancements of motion sickness instead of mental stillness. They can be classed as Ayurvedic recipes. THETA medicaments will reduce the Delta Wave brain Amplitudes of Slow Wave Sleepwalking. These are affects of medication on the inner voice boxes thoughtful consciousness. This is a mental stillness that creates an Abnormal to be Normal via Tardive Dyskinesia of a total Facial Conformity Disorder.


Believe me I have had 8 years of Medical induced Psychological trauma of Psychosis because of: Olanzapine causing a blockage of the non-physical illness phenomena known as lacking; a physical body condition of Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia in the Vagus nerves Tardive Dyskinesia causing body language of sublime Psychosocial Interpellation to the tonal aspects of the trauma of Paranoid Energy and tonal traumatic Anxiousness. This was the state of Inner thought Experiences of medical induced Psychological trauma of Psychosis and Psychological trauma of severe Schizophrenia disease.


My Psychological traumatic mental health exception was clarity, research and the desire to naturally understand Psychiatric human experimentation with drugs for 24 years where Delta Wave Amplitudes were applied to a cannabis user of THETA. And that is into cannabis and paranoia instead of the truth of cannabis being thoughtful Psychological trauma of acute Anxiety Disorder symptoms. I overcame thought naturally once Olanzapine was removed and natural Tinnitus frequencies replaced it. Trauma to what is Paranoia and psychologically traumatizing chronic Schizophrenia disease are not an issue in cannabis use. However, thought and anxiety are and I visit Amsterdam coffee bars. The Parasympathetic nerve is the cause of Anxiety and THETA is of the Sympathetic nerves Harmony in both male and female.


So saying medication can cause the trauma of voices in the head symptoms that are not anything other the Core Identity Inner reaction Experiences. These are of Psycho Social Buzz of Chakra Energies, Germ Layers and tonal sounds. Where there is no conscious cognitive actions to say so. Due to the Psychological trauma of sublime Inner thought Experiences pertaining to medicine induced Tardif Dyskinesia in the Pharynx and Larynx. And that is what creates the Core Identity of a Psychological trauma of inner voices inside your head.


It does cause mentality stillness via medical depletion and stagnation. In medicament experimentation this destroys Chakra Energies and Germ Layer Interpellation of the Norm of Societies tonal and body languages. This holds the Inner voice from outwardly expressing to an authoritarian via Parasympathetic Rest and Digest in the trauma of voices and threats inside of sections. In Slow Wave Sleep pattern zone of Delta Wave brain Amplitudes of NREM2 it causes: conscious sublime paranoid body/brain language patterns of dysfunctional Inner thought Experiences. Via the use of Global Ayurvedic recipes, Yoga and meditation a new regime needs to be look at via Pharmaceutical inclusion into legal highs, but also experts in these fields involvement in discussion, medical advice of Nutraceuticals (supplements) and in forming new therapy groups.


Wise up Pharmaceutical Companies because your drugs don’t work without THETA Harmony in a Psycho Social scent Antagonist of End-chain NitroGenous Histamine Compounds (H1-H4). This is via their Parasympathetic nerve Motor Function of body mentalist action. These are the Harmony of the day/night/day continuum where NREM1 and NREM2 is a period of Sympathetic nerve calming past the in-between zone of the THETA state in the period of the true sublime sleepwalking zone. Ignorance and Disassociation is a THETA state. It is not Delta Wave Amplitudes where cognitive sleepwalking is a dysfunctional Bi-cameral state where no conscious Tinnitus frequency is in the Core Identity. This Tinnitus Energy frequency pertains to Script of the Psycho Social enactment of Energy and Peripheral sensation Interpellation of scent.


It is through the day/night/day continuum of the Germ Layers: Mesoderm; Endoderm and Ectoderm that are the scent, sweat and Chakra Energy in our body of the Core Identity that localised and global Interpellation happens from small village beginnings of Historical Insignificances of Global Social Sciences in time of Psychosocial hierarchies. It leads towards a localised Psychosocial of Homeostatic Script and DNA Conjoining. That is via the Germ Layers and Chakra healing Energies in the Crown and Third Eye Chakras of silencing Tinnitus Conjoining of Psychosocial Blood Plasma Energy frequencies that leads to the Historical Insignificances of Histamines of Chronic Inflammation via H1-H4 dysfunctions. THETA induces the calm state of Anxious thoughtlessness and relieves the trauma of Paranoia. It is not the Psychological traumas of what is Paranoia in NREM2 that many mental health illness sufferers dwell within because of its affects giving Peripheral Sensations of congitive Slow Wave Sleepwalking.


This is because of medical experimentation of Pharmaceutical drugs by inexperienced psychological trauma practitioners.

Ayurvedic THETA is the sublime euphoric silence in a natural closing of the Sympathetic nerve. That gives inner stimulus to the ears of the hearings muscle ridges and Parasympathetic Tinnitus of the autonomic systems during NREM2-4 stages of sleep cycles, but also conscious anxiety of thoughtless THETA Amplitudes in the day/night/day Harmony of exuberantly Rest and Digest. This is part of the day/night/day continuum. That is a natural NREM2 dysfunction caused to Psychosocial energy Chakras in human body and Germ Layer Energies of a Core Identity body mental-ism. Via medicaments a Psychological Trauma of voices in your head is induced as a consciously sublime Slow Wave Amplitude Sleepwalking in its affect. This is Biopsychosocial Chakras in your body Energies

and body language interpretation via the Inner thought Experience. Via experimentally induced body language blockages of medicaments that are causing depletion of Psychosocial body mentalist Adaptation skills in the Theory of Minds Embodiment. Plus, medical authority stagnation through lack of experienced meditation and Yoga therapies where lack of THETA blocks these Arts of scientific Eastern facts that: some have personal proof of Western Psychological Societies.

These are of medically induced cognitive sublime stillness’s of cognitive Slow Wave Psychological trauma of Paranoid Sleepiness past THETA Wave Amplitudes .


This is what creates Schizophrenia and Confabulation of the Delta Histamine H3. This is where Delta Wave frequencies as a cognitive sleepwalking affect via Tardive Dyskinesia and Psychosocially accepting being Subjectively Conditioned as Abnormal to be Normal.


This though, silencing those of mental agility in the Vagus nerve via blinking and sensual Cortical rebooting that momentarily closes down the Core Identity Peripheral senses to conscious Conditioning via checking the autonomic Day/night/day continuum. It’s the reason for the inner sublime notions of the trauma of voices via cognitive sleepwalking sublimely. This, as a Psychosocial scent Cycle of Enquiry into emotional input from the motions and anxious Buzz around the mental health client in the day/night/day continuum of Energy Amplitudes.


It is a sublime cognitive consciousness that cannot be verbally spoken of due to Delta Wave inducement of Histamine H3. It is where the Psychological trauma of voices inside head exist as a sublime mental illness of physically unconscious but sublime notions of body/brain barrier induced language caused and interpreted by Tardive Dyskinesia in a Core Identity self Interpellation of body language of Inner thought Experience dysfunctions. Via Chakra and Germ Layer Energy an Inhibitory affect to H3 (Delta Nitrogenous Histamine Compound) is needed. Trauma of Psychological frequency Amplitude causes Energy blockages in the other Histamine Compounds. As H3 Receptors in blood plasma, Autonomic Functions of Germ Layers extend Core Identity into Chakra healing Energy of Inner Peripheral Psychosocial Experiences Interpellation.


These are a Psychosocial Buzz of Abnormal to be Normal in the Norm of Societal Ignorance and Disassociation as Rest and Digest exuberant tranquillity in the naturally healthy. It is a mental fitness in agile THETA euphoria of exuberant Harmony to Psychosocial Homeostatic Energies of the Germ Layers and Chakra Energies.


It is to inner mental health of the Psychological trauma of voices via every day Rest and Digest. These are the Embodiment of Psychological sedation causing natural Psychosocial Adaptations in Theory of Mind knowledge via the Histamine Compounds of Nitrogen H1-H4. And it’s also the Fight or Flight of Psychosocial Cycles of Enquiry into fun loving mirth techniques of panic and anxiety of laughter causing exuberant Fight for Rest and Digest the thoughtlessness.


In NREM2 Paranoia, the Body mentalist attitude of mirth cannot be formed. It’s because of the Rest and Digest of the Facial Conformity of sleepy glum in the muscles of the lips and surrounding areas. Medicament suppression also causing a lack of looking up in surprised panic via Psychological sedation at mirthful statements of Psychosocial glumness acknowledgement.

They are using an Inner Interpellation Experience as Theory of Mind towards Psychosocial Embodiment. This latter is the feelings and moods and who and what we are of Germ Layers and Chakra Energies that we purvey via expressing Theory of Mind when in a Performance socially.


However because of medicament experimentation by inexperienced practitioners: Embodiment has become dysfunctional causing; Psychosocial suppression via; depletion and stagnation of the Chakras and healing of the Germs Layers via; Psychosocial scent inclusion of a Norm of Societal body language attitude. This then gives Histamine reactions where exclusion has become part of conscious Psychosocial Performances in the Slow Wave Sleepwalking patterns of Delta Wave Amplitudes of H3 Histamine compound. It is in the lives of some mental health clients on medication that have no verbalisation method because of Tardif Dyskinesia caused by medicines that need Aruyvedic recipes in THETA meditation of silencing the Psychosocial anxiousness instead of medication. At this level the Tinnitus frequency can be naturally opened into conscious protection of the Natured Religiousness of Congruence that is a true Bicameralism via Yoga and meditation.


It is a Psychological sublime trauma of voices causing a lack of verbal talking in this Slow Wave Sleep conscious pattern zone. This does not cause the inner voice box outspoken verbalisation from the Vagus nerve. It is due to sublime Tardive Dyskinesia in the Vagus nerve. It causes the trauma of voices and a lack or block in the Chakras and healing energies and Germ Layers of the Pharynx and Larynx. That causing a lack of Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia because of inexperienced psychological workers not knowing of side effects and what medications intersperse properly in a biologically congruent system. So saying it is the Pharyngeal nerve that incites the psychological trauma of Inner thought Experiences of sublime Buzz of sounds and Chakra Energies. That causes the Core Identity trauma of Inner thought Experiences via the lack of Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia and Tardive Dyskinesia instead. This nerve is where meditation is not achievable because of medicines that are not Aruyvedic recipes and because medical experimentation causes a blockage in the Chakra healing Energies of body mentalist actions towards Psychosocial and Core Identity Interpellation with each and every medicament experiment. It’s an inner voice box Motor dysfunction of induced Chronic Inflammation. It pertains to Delta Wave brain Amplitudes of NitroGenous Histamine compound End-chains of H1-H4. It leaves someone in sublime Script narration Dissension of human cognitive rights. This is where the trauma of voices exist as an Inner thought Experience only due to suppression of the consciousness caused by medication into Delta wave brain Amplitudes Energy frequencies of H3 Psychosocial tonal Anxiety stimulations. It is caused by Psychosocial stimulation as a Core Identity Theory of Mind that relates to Sympathetic Paranoid Confabulation of sleepwalking consciousness. By definition of disjointed sublime cognitive methods of NREM2 in a Core Identities identification to: Psychosocial Prosody and vocal Projection dysfunction in the inner ear. This picks up of ridicule of Anxiousness in laughter and tonal Prosody of tonal sounds. And that is before looking up at the Psychosocial ridiculed truth of the fun loving authoritarian criminal approaching with a sneering mirth on what is their Facial Conformity Disorder.


That’s via Chakra Energies and localised Homeostasis of Germ Layers in Interpellation stigma equalities of solidarity in group meetings. This causes the Body Mentalist attitude – in Ayurvedic recipes THETA states of looking up as a Theory of Mind better suited to Psychosocial embellishment of consciousness approaches. That is instead of sublime Slow Wave brain patterns of Delta Wave brain Amplitudes greeting a criminal with understanding of mirth. But also that the sneer is common place and needs natural THETA Parasympathetic Ignorance. This is achieved via THETA anxious thought distraction towards Psychosocial Inner Chakra Experiences of people reading pleasant books. That is via Chakra life Energies giving a Norm of Society Exothermic reaction of H1 (Alpha), H2 (Beta) and H4 (Gamma) brain/body barrier blood plasma Energy frequencies that natural Tinnitus ranges block Endothermic H3 Psycho Social Projection into mental health clients.

In Kundalini Awakening I am suffering Homeostatic heat blockages in these ranges of Antagonistic Nitrogenous Histamine Compounds.


And that is instead of a sublime cognitive Slow Wave Sleep consciousness of Delta Histamine (H3) Wave Energy Amplitude where medication induces depleted and stagnated clients into you of Psychological Societies and Pharmaceutical companies. This is known to me as stillness and Bilateral Tinnitus frequencies. Modern day drugs from Pharmaceutical firms and Psychological mental health workers are Delta (H3) Wave brain Amplitudes orientated. In the Tinnitus frequency of blood plasma flow between the left and right ear they need a Harmonising route in the Motor function of the Medulla Oblongata and its Glossopharyngeal nerve.


So this is via making Ayurvedic Nutraceutic herb and dietary recipes available to clients. But also the old legal highs also researched by Pharmaceutical Drug Companies for their intervention into medicament body language stagnation and depletion in Chakras and Germ Layers. This is of body mentalist attitudes via THETA protection of a motion sickness drug against H3 Delta Energy Amplitudes of NREM2 Paranoid Confabulations of how to properly cause Psychosocial Chakra life Energy of Projection stimuli in what medication blockages cause to Core Identity.


It is via a lack of conscious Sympathetic THETA motion sickness and Tinnitus. Here is where Globalised Ayurvedic recipes can give treatment to the Psychological trauma of voices in your head. Via Ayurvedic stillness and motion harmony and THETA Wave Amplitudes they produce alleviation to Histamine Delta Wave Energy. In THE mental illnesses of the trauma of voices in your head and trauma that is Paranoia of overextended thoughts in NREM2 and Slow Wave Sleepwalking. That is from medical experimentation from inexperienced practitioners of Psychological traumas.


They also offer Chakra life is can be via supplemental drugs and inhibitory factors giving a mental agility Conditioning of endurance factors via muscle strength in HMB and other supplements. Excitory affects into Parasympathetic Rest and Digest as a Theory of Mind and its Embodiment techniques involved in non-physical illness phenomena. These are of Chakras and Energies causing an anxious board meeting via Excitory affects to the Psychosocial barriers involved in the Chronic brain Inflammation of the Medulla Oblongata of Chakras and its Exothermic reactions of the 3 Germ Layers involved in Endothermic Self Interpellation. These are of a Psychosocial Core Identity conforming to an Energised solidarity of mental body agility board meetings and Psychological trauma symptoms of acute Anxiety disorders strengthening in Homeostasis and Script in ....the story that is happening all around us by Erving Goffman (DD100, 2007, Open University, Milton Keynes, U.K).


It is also the composing of body language mental existentialism via: a Higher Theory of Mind Extension in frequencies of Core Identity Tinnitus. These can also be gained from meditation and Yoga and Global Pharmaceutical research of THETA solitude of a Psychosocial Solidarity. Global Ayurvedic type herb recipes you of Pharmaceutical outlets. They that could start looking into and giving the police advice on Global international legal highs conduct in a Globalising community and state wide motion. That is to what is acceptable in the THETA brain frequencies of blood plasma of ion Energies in Psychosocial Tinnitus Buzz frequency.

Also, whether the mental health client of hereditary DNA in Germ Layers and Psychosocial Chakras should suffer? Or Psychosocial Norm of Society Performances of a fun loving criminal who should ultimately suffer?


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