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These Psychological Anxiety, traumatic Psychotic Episodes and voices in your head, can be via Antipsychotics that blockade vitamin D2 and in the Guts and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS), as a Facial Conformity Disorder (FCD). Systems lacking balance of sustenance in vegetarians or Allergic reactions in meat eaters dominated in the Epithelial cells body/brain barrier to the three Biopsychosocial Germ Layers towards medication, especially Haldol and other Antipsychotic D2 blockade medications like Olanzapine that both give a side effect to the Thyroid and Lacrimal gland of Delta wave hallucinations and Anxiety in Anxiety Disorders. The is also Psychosis and the Alpha and Delta waves Conjoining. The physiological concern with a Myoclonus condition is Goiter in the Thyroid and Lacrimal glands, where Dry Eye Disease (DED) forms in the Epithelial cells. Cells attacked via Thiazine dye and Phenothiazine in Antipsychotic medication containing vitamin D2 blockade, in an Electrophilic allergy reaction to these cells’ interaction, with Hydrogen Peroxide and meat and vegan eaters. Olanzapine is an Antipsychotic medication with side effects, that blockade Homeostatic D2, causing the Allergic side effect of mental Palatal Myoclonus in the inner voice boxes thought patterns, of the Throat Chakras left or right hemisphere. As does Haldol known as Haloperidol cause a severe and mental medically induced Palatal Myoclonus side effect in the body/brain barrier of the inner voice boxes Throat Chakras within the 3 Germ Layers where the Thyroid and Lacrimal glands reside. I have proven that the side effect of Orofacial Dyskinesia and the Allergy are from D2 brain receptor blockade of the Cranial nerves, that then causes the HMB of Hydroxy-Methyl Butyric acid, to misshape and distort the Biopsychosocial muscles in the body/brain barrier, of the GAPS issue known as Guts and Psychology Syndrome. This being in the D2 blockade of the Brain receptor and its Medulla Oblongata Chain, to the Lacrimal and Thyroid glands. This then extends as a Biopsychosocial Prosodic Projection, of Alpha and Delta atrocities and to daily Script narration. In the use of supplements like Thiazine then Projection in DED of Dry Eye Disease could become a problem.

A simple Swallow Test and Prosodic Phonation Test are all that is needed for assessment of a mental side effect, of Antipsychotic medication that blockades D2 Dopamine, in the inner voice box and known as the Throat Chakras. This assesses mental Allergic Palatal Myoclonus conditions in Orofacial Dyskinesia (TD) and mental health diseases of DED in the Chakras left and right Throat Chakras hemispheres.


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