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Trauma of Emotion.

Trauma of Emotional trauma is formed in the language of electro-chemicals in body and mind, but is displayed via vocal and facial tones and expressions. These latter emotional expressions signify how you purvey yourself to other people when interacting via body language. It is a public Psychosocial interaction that forms a conjoining (Interpellation) where your trauma of emotions become programmed into your electro-chemical of scent. This scent, but also the body language is analyzed by yourself when you sleep. This is conjoining whereby the expressions you see become a self-programming method, but also when other's sleep they also form ideas and notions about how to express themselves towards you. It is a traumatic Psychosocial Phobia that forms sympathy from friends usually, but also the traumatic emotional Psychosocial energy of tones, sounds and scents that is your life story that I know as Script narration. Only you can form the life skills to re-educate that Psychosocial interaction. I see trauma of phobias as that and not a disease of mental health definition. If you read some of this website you will find plenty of helpful tips and advice. At the end of this short page you will find a sample link of my second E-book, so please read on.

When trauma of emotions run high you may feel left out of the the merriment simply because you are not seen to conjoin into the atmosphere of that mood via your traumatic Psychosocial interaction. Some of you may say 'I laugh but it does not make me happy'. Well this is because your facial stance inhibits that necessary electro-chemical reaction in your body/brain barrier. It's because the outer emotional facial stance may be happy but the inner muscles are set into a trauma of a Facial Conformity Disorder.







Thoughts may also cause traumatic emotional trauma and what I say is these echo up the line and cause emotional Psychosocial trauma of interaction via its tonal Buzzing and how you purvey that interaction in your own voice and the head motion causing your ears to locate sounds that are depressed or paranoid. This is why I define trauma of mentality as a phobia rather than disease. You need to change your thought patterns but also the way you interact towards people of the Psychosocial crowd. That is via happy thoughts and the energy in your vocal expressions. Changing your vocal expressions can give you a better emotional behavioural stance against trauma of emotional trauma and allow people in the Psychosocial interaction of the Buzz to see you in a new light. It does not happen in an instant and depending on the level a trauma of emotional phobia towards Script , 'The story that is happening all around us' it can take years to re-evaluate yourself. The term I use is: you need to use S.B.A (Self-Behavioural Analysis) as a self programming method of placebos against trauma of emotional traumatic issues. A placebo effect is a comfort zone that causes trauma of emotional triggers in the body/brain barrier towards self-righteousness.


The E-book on this website is free with my first book. If you use this link button below you can read a sample of the E-book which is full of the placebo effects you need to re-evaluate yourself. The E-books are also available for your mobile phone as well.


Simple ideals like changing your vocal tone of sounds and energy involved in these E-books can start to reformulate yourself into a more emotionally stable person.



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