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The Trauma Of Voices

This book has been written to help people regain their conscious mind and their unconscious body language. So bringing them back to the real world of adulthood. Not that of an adult stripped of their childhood instincts. Just before bed time or when you wake, is a good time for reading this book. Follow the course of this book and you will gain your inner peace. So totally immerse yourself in the book. You may find this book skips around, but that is part of how this book works to re-stable your subconscious of voices into a subconscious event that is defined into unconscious body language.

Body Mentalists

This book is mainly about conscious interaction through facial and body movement, but also how tones involved in a word structure can affect your mood.  It is an on-going course from, 'The trauma of voices', for people that feel the need to read it.  It is also an essential piece of reading to anyone that wishes improvement on how they convey themselves to people.


It defines how to enjoy company, but also how you can allow people to enjoy your entertainment as well.  It also helps you to spot when someone is annoying and when your subconscious cannot work out why you are getting frustrated as well.

Casualties of Consciousness

This book is my journey from the absolute depths of inner hell to my university education and the extending scientific research. In my darker days of a torturous psychiatric 'Right to work' that creates the state called Abnormal to be Normal, delusional denial was never an issue. Ask many sufferers and they will say' "Yes I'm feeling good". What they can't say: is the fact that they are not trained to speak their mind. Being of them, many can admit to me the same reasoning that the mind and the vocalized voice are two different stories. Through these books on this website, I have written the clarity and this resultant academic work.

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