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Dry Eye Syndrome caused by Tardive Dyskinesia of Antipsychotics in the Lacrimal Gland. 

Look to Phenergan Marathon runners. Maybe! 

However, I started the dose at 50mg which is the highest dose. At this level the Tardif Dyskinesia causes the muscles a dysfunction of spasmodic twitching which I found unacceptable. When the dose was reduced the spasms stopped and I found my facial muscle structure and sinuses have remained in normal function again. That for me personally was at 10mg per day before bed. Phenergan helps the sinuses and the Lacrimal gland to function normally via, opening the ears and breathing passages, away from the dysfunction of, Vestibular Motion Disorder (VMD) of D2.  

VMD is a dysfunction that is a part of Tardive Dyskinesia. VMD is a dysfunction that starts in the Throat Chakra. It starts as an Inner thought Experience from, the right-hand-side of the Western inner voice box, where the Larynx is. This has direct Inner thought Experience with, the Vagus nerve. When the thoughts enter the Larynx D1 receptors cause, Fear to build via the Parasympathetic nerve blockade of D2. This Fear response of ‘Fight AND Flight’ is caused by D1, increased over D2 where, there is no Harmony in the Phylogeny.  

That is in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves dysfunction, that can cause the FCD illness of OCD or Paranoid Schizophrenia. That fact in a FCD is via medicament induced Tardive Dyskinesia. 

Inner Experiences are part of a Normal healthy mentality of emotions and feeling in the body/brain barrier. The barrier exists as a Homeostatic Script narration Buzz between the differing Mother Earth energies of Eastern too Western cultures.   

Psychiatry and Dry Eye Syndrome that I would say is a result of a, medically produced dysfunction in, the Lacrimal Gland from Tardif Dyskinesia.  

Dry Eye Conditioning that is the effect of Vestibular Motion Disorder (VMD) in the Throat, Crown Chakra and Third Eye of Eastern Sciences. But also, in VMD, the body/brain barrier of Germ Layers of Sociopsychological. That is a Biopsychosocial interaction of Western Sciences. Interaction of Tardive Dyskinesia and professional misconduct. Misconduct in the use of medicament towards a, Biopsychosocial Script and Interpellation interaction of Core Identity’s neurochemistry and the 0-7 Chakras.  

With the increased levels of Alpha waves in the peripheral sight, it is a natural cause due to a lack of blinking and or Cortical rebooting. Alpha waves of an increased D1 receptor will cause hallucinations from Alpha waves in a facial Conformity Disorder. Alpha waves are also visions’, in that of a Buddhist Monk and Mindfulness. Western sciences explain that Alpha waves have a visual effect on Eyes that are closed via the Third Eye. In this way the Marathon man has the facial muscle interaction of constant conscious Glum of Rest and Digest via the Vagus nerve. He has however the powers of D2 receptors for this interaction. An interaction of sublime Peripheral function between Vagus/Gut barrier (Sacral Chakra) interaction. For this reason, I use a vitamin D2 nutraceutical supplement. I say, it works on the second brain function of Parasympathetic Body Language Ignorance responses. Ignorance is part of the Fight or Flight response Harmony of the Medulla Oblongata. 

This is a D2 Cranial nerves and muscle stamina in endurance and Chakra energy functions of someone that can practice Cortical rebooting of blinking ‘White Light of Alpha waves’. With Dry Eye Disease it is also a theory that the condition can be cured by an Antihistamine, such as Phenergan. In theory the Lacrimal Gland - in the Nasal duct - between the nose and eyes has an allergic Yeast infection of Histamine because of a lack of vitamin D2 in this Sinus Gland. Something that may be beneficial to Marathon runner. 

However, due to the Lacrimal dysfunction in the sinuses, the enactment of breath becomes a constant dysfunction of Inner thought Experiences of Carbon Dioxide breath and not Hydroplasm. A breath on the inner voice box of voices in the head. Unconscious nasal whistling also causes the dysfunction of a sublime Inner Experience, due to the Sinuses drying of, the neurochemical interaction between, the body/brain barrier of, facial muscle and Cranial nerves. These are the nerves that connect between layers of muscles. They are known as Germ Layers in Western Science. And Chakra Energy is its Conjoining via, the Buzz of Tinnitus in the death and sacrifice of Gods, where Bliss was regained via Tinnitus as the Carbon Units and energy of another Big Bang beginning of creation. 

Voices emitted within a Core Identity via the Throat Chakra and the blocked ears, where Tinnitus of consciousness is lacking (Pitched noises of the Big Bang in Western Science of the inner ear). It is where the Western sciences interpret thought via, the Western male dominant Pharyngeal nerve of the Inner thought Experience. However, the mindset becomes trapped within a Continuum of Psychosocial routines of living Anxiety, Paranoia, Depression or OCD of Tardif Dyskinesia as a Facial Conformity Disorder. Acceptance of medication is Western Empathy to an Eastern Empathic of modern OCD Psyche. Rather than that of Vagus instinctual animal Marathon runner.  

However, if Paranoia is overcome and becomes a couch potato of Rigidity, then their muscles will of course be that of an Eastern/Westernised Marathon runner, but Rigidity rather than Facial Conformity Disorder is a must in the facial muscles as this is signs of an allergic reaction. This can also be put forward as an argument about Tardif Dyskinesia and why the term - Facial Conformity Disorder - should be recognised as an allergic reaction. A reaction in the muscle and Cranial nerves via, the Throat Chakra neurochemical Biopsychosocial function in the Lacrimal Gland. A Western inner voice box of carbon dioxide poisoning in the Lacrimal interaction of, nasal breath that leads to Histamine H3 receptors in the nerves and also muscles as Nitrogenous Compounds. 



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