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In Conjoining germ and energy of Eastern and Western Social Sciences, Projection has become a state of Psychosocial diseases according to Psychiatry!  

Diseases such as the Psychological trauma of Dry Eye from medicament induced Tardif Dyskinesia. 

And strange smells!:? 

Fart and realise doctors 🙄 

In terms of mental health, I see this as a dysfunction caused by Biopsychosocial interaction of Tardive Dyskinesia. This is via daily Projection and the lack of Sternum and Diaphragm interaction of gaining new Biopsychosocial interaction of the Chakras. An Interpellation from natural Norm of Society and medicament induced Tardif Dyskinesia. A cause of how Germ Layers and Chakras interact in the day/night/day continuum, because of the lack of nutraceutical supplements. A natured Congruent Scripture of the Homeostatic tonal sounds of the one voice of Script narration.  

DEDS is a dysfunction of Vestibular Motion Disorder. This is where the ears can become an internal process of Tinnitus frequencies, traumatic thoughts or Psychological voices in the head. Because the eyes remain alert via a D1 Alpha wave Dopamine dysfunction, the ears become heightened by the Inner Experience. This leads to the SD and tonal releasing energy of VMD vibrating in the ears as right hand ear Vagus/Larynx echoes from the Sacral or left hand inner voice box of Pharynx Inner thought Experiences.  

The two sides of how the Throat Chakra Conjoins as a tonal function of Prosody in the inner voice box. This can be seen as the Throat Chakras Myoclonus muscles energising tissue to the inner/outer Pathogenic and its Biopsychosocial barrier. A Core Identity of the Germ Layers’ sensations of Homeostatic Biopsychosocial.  

This Inner Experience is the dysfunction of the muscles, Cranial nerves, the Medulla Oblongata and the Lacrimal gland in Dry Eye from medicament induced mental illnesses. The Lacrimal gland becomes an allergic reaction to H3 histamine Delta waves in the Cortical and sinus Reflex as visual and auditory Hallucinations of Prosodic Inner Experiences from a lack of Prolactin. The eyes dysfunction due to an Alpha wave increase in the Cortical Cortex from the lack of Cortical rebooting in the Cranial nerves. The Lacrimal gland’s response of DEDS can become an allergy H3 (Slow wave REM patterns) infection.  

In Projection it causes the very illness the client is being treated for, in the symptoms of Dry Eye of a, medicament induced Tardive Dyskinesia. But, as is, the same dysfunctions of Dry Eye Disease! A Psychosocial VMD and or FCD, of the inner Mesoderm/Endoderm ear and D1 Alpha waves of visual Projection, in mental illness of Dry Eye Disease and Syndrome. Projection of DEDS involves the Psychological trauma of voices in the head and also OCD thought patterns.  

When Dry Eye Disease extends past the Lacrimal gland, the ears of the sinuses can start to be infected as well. Via the nasal Lacrimal gland, the breathing passages dysfunction in the Mesoderm tissue of the muscles and nerves, but can be strengthened in this area of the body/brain barrier.  

In the Mesoderm Germ Layer, with the use of HMB Leucine and Sarcosine, it can aid with the re-strengthening. Aid given between these two Scientific areas via CBT Kundalini humming exercises, mediated towards the left or right infection of the Throat Chakra of the Sinus’ vocal and breathing as well. Projection and Psychological voices are the hearing adapting the Inner Experience, to either, its left or right of the two evolutionary hemispheres of the Human Chakra mind.  

The evolution of Social Sciences needs to push more towards Core Identity Empathetic notions via humming CBT classes of the Inner Experience of Psychic Writing via humming. Here in symptoms of Dry Eye Disease and Syndrome, the VMD of, the confused Bicameral mindset, processes of the Chakra internal vibrations of neurochemicals, causing symptoms of either Paranoia symptoms or Anxiousness, of dysfunctional thoughts and voices. That is, instead of tonal wordless Prosodic Inner Experience of the Chakra energies of the Homeostatic Biopsychosocial via humming. 

Projection is the cause of Alpha waves. These waves are creating an echo of energy that causes the eyelids to flicker emotional feelings of thought responses instead of fully blinking into a Cortical reboot. This in turn sends muscled energy ripples to the areas of the Throat Chakras that then vibrates towards the Sacral Chakra from the Facial Conformity Disorder. The Biopsychosocial Core Identity Buzz then resonates on the Solar Plexus and around the ribcage. In turn the guts second brain of the Sacral Chakra sends receptors of neurochemistry from the guts to the Cerebral Fluids and the Medulla. This resonation echoes from an off-key body/brain Chakra and is interpreted within the Throat Chakra as: 

  • DEDS infection of the Left hand Pharynx thought centre of Core Identity 

  • DEDS infection of the right hand Vagus thought centre of Core Identity 

This being the area involved in instinctual Autonomic Cognitive states of the body/brain barriers of a two-sided Bicameral mind. A place where Celestial nuns and Buddhist Monks achieved a higher order of Alpha and Omega meditation. 

These DEDS infections are from an Alpha wave overload due to dysfunctional muscles and nerves with deficiencies of HMB Leucine, D2 and Sarcosine. These nutraceuticals are where the Germ Layers function at a nerve/muscle barrier of feelings/emotions of Biopsychosocial energy, scent and sweat. These all interacting with Core Identity to a dead God of the Big Bang ignition given to Us as Tinnitus. In the western view, the death/rebirth of the Big Bang Theory of the Universe. A place where Homeostatic Germ Layers of the Biopsychosocial Endothermic and Exothermic Ectoplasm of the West meets, the Eastern Chakra energy of: Interpellation of Biopsychosocial; establishing Bicameral traits; of Globalising Psychiatric Congruence. 

The abilities of HMB Leucine makes it an essential nutraceutical for the Throat Chakra and the Cranial nerves to function. A Facial Conformity of this east/west drive in Psychiatry to find a cure for their new ideal of DEDS, where vitamin D2, Phenergan and Sarcosine can be used for these two Dry Eye allergic conditions. 

Projection is the Homeostatic interaction of Interpellation that actually forms your Inner tonal Experience via Biopsychosocial energy, voice and breath of Core Identity. It is the Creation of the 3 Germ Layers and the 0-7 Chakras of Homeostatic Script Presence of Being. It is where thought and also an Inner thoughtless Experience, of Emotional neurochemical energy exists, as a mindful action of body Ignorance, of the Parasympathetic nerve. This state of mindset can be achieved via Prolactin elevating drugs. This forms in the meditative route of Feelings of neurochemicals, Mindfully noticing body motion reactions, of the body/brain barrier via meditation (A natural state of Slow wave REM). This area of the Germ Layers - in this barrier - is the function of the Embryonic Fluids, that are energised from the SD tonal interaction of Biopsychosocial, interacting with Core Identity of, Being in the Norm of Society of Solar Plexus energy.  

At this point the gut memory is stored in the term of the gut being the second brain. In the Eastern system, it is known as the Sacral Chakra. This that, Conjoins Western Social Sciences with the Vagus nerve. That Conjoining is in the Medulla Oblongata in the body/brain barrier area of Autonomy of thoughtlessness, speech and thought. 

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