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Interpellation of the Throat Chakra - within the Western views of: Dry Eye Disease as; a Prosodic D1 Alpha wave Projection in; the Lacrimal gland. 

How the interaction of the Sacral (guts second brain) causes the Diaphragm and Sternum Interpellation too, the Solar Plexus of Biopsychosocial Projection. 


This mediation can cause energy dysfunctions in the Western body’s 3 Embryonic Germ Layers in DNA. This also leads to a Pathogenic Biopsychosocial Homeostatic energy of the 3 Layers, that also continue after birth, via the 0-7 Eastern Chakras. In terms of DNA and genetics the root cause is how Interpellation of Social Sciences causes the Foot Chakra deficiencies within ‘The story that is happening all around us....’ (DD100, 2007, Open University). This in terms of Eastern and Western sciences, is a Conjoining of the social term Script and tonal Buzz.  

This is, as someone that suffered an allergic reaction to Prolactin Sparing Antipsychotics - I can now define Script narration - in the terminology, I use, the Prosodic Buzz, of your Godhead vocal voice. It identifies to no one other than echoes of Historic Insignificance of the Big Bang Theory of Universal death/birth barriers, or Black Holes. 

A cause of these Germ Layers and Chakras as mental illness dysfunctions is, in, the inner voice box and inner ear functions of the Throat Chakra. It is where illness is a dysfunction of fortified nutraceutical values. Also, the Inner energy Experience, of the Germ Layers neurochemistry, interacting with Prosodic tonal Inner energy Experiences. These then giving emotions and feelings from the Inner Throat Chakra Experience. In its mental health diversity, it is known as Dry Eye Disease via Vestibular Motion Disorder and the Lacrimal gland.  

There is also, a Facial Conformity Disorder of Tardive Dyskinesia from medicament that causes Dry Eye Syndrome. It is, as a Biopsychosocial reactant of, Script narration and Projection. Both forms of Projection are a dysfunction of the inner voice boxes of the Throat Chakra, Lacrimal gland and the Cranial nerves. 

Biopsychosocial Projection is the tonal Buzzing energy relating to these ancient energy Chakras formed within the womb and the child’s tissue of Embryonic Germ Layers. These continue to function after birth as a Homeostatic Conjoining energy of Social Sciences, that grows towards an Ego Identity of shaped Character. Projection contains the secret of your Godhead Scripture, a vocal, one voice, Script narration, of a Bicameral mindfulness Conjoining East/West Social Sciences.  

Projection is an art of Mindfulness. It is, the Outer Experience, that if necessary, needs to be broken to allow the release of, Paranoid delusional Projections and Neologism in a drive for success. Projection – as Dry Eye Syndrome - is a cause of Vestibular Motion Disorder (VMD) and the Lacrimal gland. The Term I use for this is a Facial Conformity Disorder (FCD). This is a dysfunction of the Lacrimal gland and the sinuses of breath on the Sacral and Throat Chakras in the Sternum and Diaphragm of the Solar Plexus. A Norm of Society is an entity of Core Identity tonal Buzz of Eckhart Tolle’s water tank. 

This latter area, relays from the Solar Plexus, where the Biopsychosocial voices and breath Project tonal vibrational Interpellation around the Core Identity ribcage. As you will see, this has functions in behavioural therapies of the Sacral gut/brain barrier of the Medulla Oblongata via Mindfulness and tonal Kundalini Yoga. 

Chakras and Germ Layers are a formulation of Biopsychosocial Interpellation of neurochemistry, energy and frequency of Alpha, Beta, Delta and Omega neurochemical impulse waves between the Eastern and Western sciences. In terms of growth, Germ Layers exist as, three layers of tissue from the organs to the skin layers. These are the functional mediation of Homeostasis in endothermic and exothermic reactions of the 0-7 Chakras.  

These reactions interact via the Western glands, but Acupuncture points in the East are also a part of their energy and frequency waves of those glands. In terms of Inner/Outer Experiences, Acupuncture are mediated by the Western glandular deposits as function. They are a neurochemical Harmony response of Self-Behavioural Analysis (SBA) of neurochemical energy’s and frequencies. Those responses are Homeostatic sweat and scent of Mindfulness, used as a day/night/day continuum of stabilising Pathogenic neurochemicals. That continuum is the natural mindset of an established Ego Identity in Circadian Cycle of Biopsychosocial Embodiment. 

The Sternum and Diaphragm (SD) are the point of Interpellation to the Outer Experience of breath and vocal stimulus of the secret tonal Script narration. This narration purveys through tonal and vocal Prosody - a noised Buzz from a one voice of everything around us. This is a noise that leads to Core Identity, and how Ego Identity formulates its emotional response neurochemistry of Fight or Flight. But also, the Rest and Digest response of the Parasympathetic nerves Paranoia symptoms function. This can cause improved mental health of the Ego Identity by Kundalini breathing and humming exercises of its Mindfulness.  

The SD function is emissions of breath towards each side of the Throat Chakra via the Inner voice box Experience. Here the SD Projects the engaging breath to the Psychosocial Presence. Mindfulness exercises strengthen the Inner Experience function of the right Larynx and left Pharynx. An area of the Throat Chakra that gives addition, too Psychotherapy in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).  

Script narration is an ultimatum of Godhead tonal acquirement of truthful Prosody should someone require the need to hear Gods own truth of Biopsychosocial Core Identity. Script narration and Projection are a reality that exists: as a vocal narration that can; correct Ego Identity. Projection releases tonal energy into a person’s tonal Script narration via CBT. 

Testing the Glossopharyngeal nerve for symptoms of Dry Eye Disease and Syndrome (DEDS): Psychological trauma of Signs of Anxiety of thoughtful emotional OCD voices in the head of the left side. 

To test to see if the left Chakra and Germ Layer of the inter-function of the glossopharyngeal/Pharynx nerves are functioning correctly, a clinician would have his/her client stick out their tongue, while they use a tongue depressor or cotton tip, to press against the left side of the posterior pharyngeal wall. With a gentle poking of the soft palate wall, a gag should be elicited. 

If a gag is not present after stimulation, the examiner should ask the patient if they feel pressure of touch. If the stimulus is felt and no gag occurs, only the motor portion of the gag (mediated by the Vagus link of the Throat Chakra) may be impaired, but this is rare. The absence of this sensation implicates the autonomic Glossopharyngeal nerve and gives the clinician information that is important in a swallowing assessment.  

It can be seen as a breathing dysfunction caused by an overloading in the Lacrimal gland from the cause of Histamine Yeast allergies. This affects the pattern of nasal breathing onto each side of the voice boxes Throat Chakra of the Inner Experience. An area of the Medulla Oblongata of the two Harmonic responses of how thought occurs. The Glossopharyngeal nerve controls autonomy of thought via the Vagus of their Medulla function.  

In Psychological trauma of Signs of Anxiety, the Sympathetic nerve is the cause of OCD voices and traumatic thought episodes (left Glossopharyngeal). In the trauma of Paranoia symptoms and emotional voices in the head (right Vagus/Larnyx), it is the interaction of the Vagus/Parasympathetic nerves. All these nerves function from the Embryonic Fluids and Vagus/gut barrier. An interaction of the Sacral Chakra. In Eastern terms, these in turn cause resonance in the Sternum/Diaphragm hummed breathing centres, the mediation between all these areas are via, the Throat Chakra and Solar Plexus, emanating energy to the back bone via the ribcage. These are all energy wave functions are therapies such as Psychological CBT. 

The Glossopharyngeal nerve – if affected, via the left side of the inner voice box – will exhibit a loss of response to touch, should the Pharynx have tonal Chakra muscle/energy damage. This is what has become apparent in the Norm of Society as Tardive Dyskinesia or Dry Eye Disease in the Lacrimal gland and their Facial Conformity Disorder. It is a wasting of the muscles that function via Harmonics of Inner neurochemical Prosodic Experiences. Harmonics via Homeostatic emotions and feelings of on/off responses. This is a chemical D2 receptor blockade dysfunction. This causes, Alpha wave hypersensitivity due to DEDS and Medulla Harmonics response mechanisms of a Globalising Psychosocial discord.  

This all centres around the Throat Chakra and Myoclonus disease within the Throat Chakra and the Sacral second brain system. I consider DEDS to be within the class of medical conditions of Myoclonus and can be life-threatening. All conditions relative to Dry Eye Disease were present in me at the height of my allergic reaction to Prolactin Antipsychotics. These conditions, once Tardive Dyskinesia and its Facial Conformity Disorder eased, normalisation of the Cortical rebooting re-established the Cranial function of an Alpha wave dysfunction. This was via the palate correcting itself by clicking and Alpha waves stabilising via a vitamin D2 nutraceutical. 

Testing the Vagus nerve for symptoms of Dry Eye and the Psychological trauma of Paranoia: right side echoed emotional voices in the head. 

While evaluation of the swallowing function involves both the glossopharyngeal and Vagus, the palatal function is controlled primarily by the Vagus interaction, in the right side of the Throat Chakra – the Larynx. First, the clinician should observe the palate at rest as the client opens the mouth to allow viewing of symmetry within each of the sides, of the soft palate arches, in the back roof of the mouth. The clinician would check to see that the palatal arches are symmetrical, and that both arches hang equally. Next, the clinician would ask the client to phonate, ‘Ah’. Then observe the parts of the Throat Chakras middle and outer Germ Layer. This will indicate Peripheral Cortical function to the neurochemistry to the sufferer of Dry Eye Disease.  

A disease via Alpha emissions in the 3 Homeostatic Endoderm, Mesoderm and Ectoderm of the inner voice box and Throat Chakra. A Conjoining of East/West Social Sciences of Germ Layers and Chakras of Exothermic and Endothermic response mechanisms of Biopsychosocial. During observation - while phonating a Mindful sound, the soft palate should elevate and move posteriorly and symmetrically with the Prosodic ‘Ah’.  

The clinician may also ask the client to say “ka, ka, ka” to check for any nasal emission.  Nasal emission will become apparent if the vocal folds are off-key with Prosodic energies by loosening away from the nasal cavity. This is also vital for the nasal Yeast infection caused to the Lacrimal gland by DEDS. 

Obviously within the Buddhist methods of phonating Prosody, it is much more advanced than the Western system. Buddhism could gain great insight into the Throat Chakra by studying the soft palatal dysfunctional locations of Myoclonus, through phonation and these tests.  

Any client that is undergoing these two tests, need’s too fast for up to 12 hours, to stop any chance of vomiting! 

Paralysis and Paresis of this area signals, also that, Tardive Dyskinesia is a part of mental or physical health. These are being affected because of these conditions in the SD Solar Plexus energy of the Sacral Chakra where receptors in the gut/brain barrier are not present that mediates with the Embryonic Fluids and Medulla.  

These western and Eastern Conjoining of knowledges contains how tonal Prosodic methods of ‘Ah’ and ‘Ka’ can ascertain a physical testing system of the inner Mesoderm Germ Layer that has direct function with the body/brain barrier of the Outer Psychosocial Experience of Ectoderm scent and sweat Pathogens.  

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