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The Prefrontal Cortex is where a Core Identity is a creature of body mentalist Habits. They are the forming of a dysfunction. This is a medicament induced state of, Tardive Dyskinesia as Dry Eye Syndrome.  

It is also the cause of the newly forming theory in Psychiatry of Dry Eye Disease. 












When Tardive Dyskinesia affects, as mental health dysfunction’s, the Biopsychosocial, Inner Chakra Experience becomes a, dysfunction. A dysfunction of newly forming Stimulus-Response Habits of: sublime peripheral dysfunctions. These dysfunctions are the cause of Vestibular Motion Disorder (VMD), Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) and the lack of body Ignorance nutrients in the body/brain barrier of Germ Layers and Chakras. A Conjoining of Eastern and Western theories. The effects of Dry Eye Syndrome can be considered as a similar phenomenon of how Dry Eye Disease (DED) can affect a Core Identity’s Psychological mental health state. 

The Prefrontal Cortex contains part of the day/night/day continuum of the Circadian Cycle. It is the Interpellation that sublime actions create as the 10-20% of the body/brain barriers consciousness. Tardive Dyskinesia opens the mind to further consciousness.  

However, instead of listening to the immediate Interpellation of the Buzzing noise and vocals, VMD blocks the head’s normal motion function of non-echo locating towards afterthoughts. That is not a state of living as a Being in the Presence of Present time, of the Circadian Cycle. That is in the state of Presence of a Setting. Instead, the Circadian Cycle, has become an Inner voice Experience in the head or Throat Chakra, as two sides of the inner voice box. This is the Vagus/Larynx and Pharynx/Glossopharyngeal reactions of the body/brain barriers Inner thought and speech Experience of Autonomy. These two areas form crossovers once Ego Identity is achieved. 

Voices in the head and Throat Chakra voices become established once the Tardif Dyskinesia or DED causes the Third Eye to dysfunction and of the Pituitary gland. A Conjoining with the Western theory and the Prefrontal Cortex of Alpha waves (1 receptors).  

This causes visual Alpha waves - that are increased as sublime sounds reach the inner ear as a dysfunction of VMD. Depending on the tonal dysfunction of Prosody that reaches the inner ear – it will define Anxiety or Paranoia likened symptoms. Also involved, is the peripheral sights of the Lacrimal gland of the sinuses that is a dysfunction that Psychiatry calls Dry Eye Disease. DED is where the Lacrimal gland has an allergic reaction, from Alpha receptors, being visually overstimulated, because of a lack of blinking and eye moisture. 

When visual Projection of the – part of the Biosychosocial - Aura becomes the act of: someone with the Facial Conformity Disorder (FCD); that tries Interpellation too the Core Identity; Aura and facial recognition style; a Fashion Trend of common faces. These Fashion Trends are the Biopsychosocial public interaction where commonality meets in Settings. Biopsychosocial public Interpellation is just that, chemical Conjoining of the Prefrontal Cortex’ emotional sensations within the Third Eye. This is the sublime peripheral Aura of Being in the moment of Presence of Ego Identity. A FCD is the disfigurement of an Ego Identity with Buzzing noise narrations, that has an effect, even on Tinnitus. 

It is a Buzz narration of audibles of noise that transcends downwards to the Script of Gods’ Tinnitus.  

Or the belief of the Big Bang theory in some Western Sciences!  


The murder of Godheads within another beginning. 

In this dysfunction of Tardive Dyskinesia, the Third Eye of the Pineal Gland and Prefrontal Cortex Alpha waves, do not coincide with the facial stance, and that the other Core Identity misunderstands. Usually vocal authority from such a deformed character would be considered Abnormal. This misunderstanding is the caused disfigurement of the facial muscles and structure because of Tardive Dyskinesia. Where the other sees a malformed and sometimes disfigured individual, the vocal Prosody sensations, that are given out, do not correspond with the facial recognition because of a Facial Conformity Disorder. This can cause the mental health client to become vulnerable to ridicule. These Prosodic sensations are how the Core Identity has no self-recognition. They become a live enactment causing their very motion via noise. 

Because the muscle memory of the facial structure does not enact the true Inner emotional Experience of the Prefrontal Cortex’ Circadian Cycle, Psychosocial start to see, this mental health client as a misfit. Someone to be laughed at from quiet corners of a peripheral Setting. That then creating, a Psychosocial Anxiety or Paranoia dysfunction in the facial muscles and the skulls Cranial nerves via emotional interpretation of Biopsychosocial. These sounds become part of the Vestibular Motion Disorder of the Prefrontal Cortex from some medicaments that cause Tardive Dyskinesia. These sights and sounds of Alpha waves lengths – when VMD blockades the sinuses - causes inner emotions of, the Prefrontal Cortex Stimulus-Response (S-R) Reflex. It then gives a Reflex of involuntary spasmodic twitches from Tardive Dyskinesia or the facial stance forming the mental illness. In the peripheral Psychosocial of a Setting the peripheral dysfunctions do not go un-noticed by Chakras of Biopsychosocial Germ Layers. That is by the Norm of Society sublimely noticing the look of unnatural Fear or Worry responses on the sufferer’s face. 

The Alpha wave emission that the Core Identity Aura emits from a defective Lacrimal gland, do not coincide with the misfits morose looking character of, a Delta (H3) wave misfit of Histamine allergic reactions of Yeast infections. Delta waves are when poisoning when medication has completed an allergic reaction of H3 Histamine in the gut/brain barrier of the Vagus nerve and spinal fluids.  

In the Alpha wave neuron emissions, it can become a conscious act of Tinnitus. Tinnitus blockading is when a normal attitude is achieved in Ego Identity.  

Alpha waves H1 Histamines, is when Tardif Dyskinesia causes Dry Eye Syndrome (DES), it causes the Lacrimal gland in the Sinuses to dysfunction. But the same is also true of a sufferer of DED as well.  

In the heightened state of Alpha produced visual stimulus, the Prefrontal Cortex’ Inner emotions Experience, seeks a Biopsychosocial response of Reward in Stimulus/Response. That is a Norm of Society response to Alpha wave energy. However, because of Vestibular Motion Disorder, the sufferer of medication induced atrocity, the head has no way of knowing how to use the Psychosocial Interpellation with a blink. A lack of blinking is a Dry Eye Disease or a Tardive Dyskinesia of a DES allergic reaction.  

Blinking causes Cortical rebooting within the body/brain barrier to reassess the Automated Nervous System. That day/night/day continuum of the ANS of peripheral sublime Psychosocial Interpellation of interaction.  

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