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In the Worry response the Amygdala functions on its right-hand side. This side of the Amygdala does not have a reasoning centre to combat worry. This latter, is a reaction of the Parasympathetic nerve of Prolactin deficiency. A negative side effect of Prolactin Sparing Antipsychotics.  

The second Amygdala on the left side of the brain deals with negative Fear response, but also positivism of emotions. Here, Prolactin Elevating drugs, cause this side of the Amygdala to be more dominant via the Maintain response. 

Within these inter-functional Autonomic System nerves, the optomistic Inner Experience of Psychological emotions, is the function of, the Cognitive Prefrontal Cortex and the left-hand Amygdal. This area of the brain involves itself in the body/brain barrier of the Central Nervous System. Through the Prefrontal Cortex neurochemistry becomes a conscious enactment of emotional displays of Being Present responses. In the Norm of Society, the body/brain Circadian Cycle will cause Cortical rebooting. Something that a sufferer of DED, or Tardive Dyskinesia of Dry Eye Syndrome lacks, that has an allergic reaction. In both cases the Lacrimal gland is the problematic area chiefly concerned with Alpha wave dysfunctions and Histamine.  

Phenergan is a treatment for Alpha wave neurochemistry of Alpha wave Histamine (H1 receptors’). So, saying, in theory, Phenergan works as an Antagonist to Dopamine D2 blockade by allowing it to pass through as vitamins to the body, but partially blockades receptors. What I say is that Beta wave (B) blockade causes Histamine to build in the gut/brain neuron receptors of the Sacral Chakra. This in turn interacts with the direct functioning of the gut/brain barrier of the Vagus nerve in the Medulla Oblongata. In this Cycle of Enquiry, D2 blockade is not only the allergic cause of Prolactin Sparing antipsychotics, but Dry Eye Disease as well. DED is also where Beta wave function is, Rest and digest response. That is S-R, giving a Reflex of Ignorance via, body mentalist attitudes, in someone not suffering, DED or Tardive Dyskinesia. 

By blockading D2 receptors the Biopsychosocial Interpellation of a Core Identity becomes known as an Abnormal to be Normal! This Antagonist effect of Phenergan enters the Lacrimal gland and the facial muscles. Here the Cortical action of blinking is via the Lacrimal and the Sympathetic nerve. However, with Phenergan and a vitamin D2 supplement the Harmony response of the system is restored as an Antagonist to Dry Eye Disease via Antihistamine H1.  

With the D2 blockade, the facial muscles that have conformed to a Facial Conformity Disorder of Tardive Dyskinesia as a DES. By using Phenergan and vitamin D2 the muscles and glands can regain the Beta wave function of the more positive left-hand side of the Amygdala Inner thought Experience. This also then causing, the brain the ability to Cortically reboot via the Sympathetic nerve as well.  

I say that Prolactin Antipsychotics should not involve D2 blockade. 

The Fear And Worry response in the Amygdala:  

Tardive Dyskinesia and Dry Eye Disease.  

A complication of the Lacrimal gland with Schizophrenia and hallucinations, in its syndrome of medication and Disease response, of mental health issues. 


If psychiatry is starting to notice conditions such as Dry Eye Disease, then if it becomes comparable to a Facial Conformity Disorder, of DES induced Tardive Dyskinesia - it will be significant to know, what I suffered. I give great insight on how Dry Eye Syndrome affects the mental health. 

Dry Eye Disease (DED) could be far more of a concern than is thought. Symptoms I suffered, that are relative to Tardif Dyskinesia, are that because the Lacrimal gland became infected, the effects will be the same as what could theoretically happen with DED. In future, there could be major concerns in the mental health condition, of those suffering from, DED or the Tardive Dyskinesia Dry Eye Syndrome (DES).  

However, before psychiatry start a whole new theorem of medical experimentation on DED mental health clients? 

Look to the Antihistamine Phenergan at 10mg per night for Yeast infections! 

DED is not only a class of mental health, but is a general concern, I have noticed. That is with the natural state of the Psychosocial Norm as spasmodic twitches of Tardive Dyskinesia. This I have seen forming in Society as a norm.  

I consider DES to be an allergic reaction of H3 Histamine receptors forming a mental health illness, from medication. An allergic reaction that Antihistamines can treat as a complimentary alternative medicine (CAM).  

However, the same can be said of someone with Psychiatric DED, as both infections are an affect in the Lacrimal gland. Phenergan treats this area involved with Dry Eye Disease via Antihistamine H1. The condition of myself with DED or DES, when Prolactin Sparing Antipsychotics are of concern, it can be seen as a way forward, for removing, this outdated medication. Prolactin Elevating should also have the D2 blockade removed. 

What I believe happens is that DED and Tardif Dyskinesia is an allergic reaction caused by H1-4 Histamines. Phenergan is an Antihistamine, I say, that treats Histamine Yeast infections. The allergic reaction takes place in the Lacrimal gland of the eye and nose gland. When DES becomes a mental health concern, of Histamine infection in the gut, H3 Histamine receptors replace the dysfunction caused by the brain blockading D2 Dopamine receptors. When this happens, the effects can be hallucinations and Psychological trauma of Anxiety. 


With reference to Appraisal and Reappraisal in the Medulla, Amygdala and Prefrontal Cortex inter-function and how emotional Habits form. Habits associated to Dry Eye Syndrome towards Dopamine D2 blockade. An explanation to the Amygdala right-hand Stimulus-Response (S-R) of Prefrontal Cortex’ Reflex. 

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