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Cortical rebooting causes the enactment of a momentary unconsciousness, that is blocked by Alpha waves and a dysfunctional Lacrimal gland in the Cranial nerves function of DED and DES. This rebooting is where the body/brain barrier have Harmony of rewiring of stabilising the brain and emotion. Simply by looking up at the approaching Core Identity, Interpellation will cause a Reward of each having interaction with the Third Eyes Biopsychosocial Aura energy output. Energy of the neurochemical emotions of, the Biopsychosocial Auras that are stored in the Prefrontal Cortex. These are recorded back into the Pineal gland leading to the Root Chakra. 

In Tardif Dyskinesia the side effects – I say – also include the very illnesses they are meant to treat. Side effects I call a Facial Conformity Disorder that, creates muscle memory via the Prefrontal Cortex of emotional stances in the Presense of motion and Being. A FCD of Tardive Dyskinesia caused by medication is true to conditions involving: 

  • Depression 

  • Psychosis 

  • Anxiety 

  • Paranoia 

  • Schizophrenic hallucinations 

The dysfunction in the Prefrontal Cortex is when the Alpha wave overproduction of D1 Dopamine receptors blockades Cortical rebooting. Without the latter function, the Psychological conditions exist. The Psychological trauma of Depression is an exception of Alpha wave dysfunctions. The way that DED and DES can be treated is with the Antihistamine Phenergan. It stops the functioning in the body/brain barrier of the Yeast infection of Histamine H1 and Dopamine D1 from interacting in Dry Eye Disease. D1 receptors are an Alpha wave function. This reaction causes a lack of blinking the mind into Cortical rebooting. It is because the Lacrimal gland may produce H1 Histamine, which is an allergic reaction. This allergic reaction is a natural process, that can become a mental health issue of the Psychological trauma of hallucinations. Hallucinations that can be both visual and audible. 

The Dysfunction is where the muscle memory of the emotions contained in the Prefrontal Cortex start to conform a Psychosocial sublime narration of low or high, pitched tones: 

High tonal Prosody of the Buzz narration of a Core Identity’s Godhead theory 

  • Psychosis 

  • Anxiety 

Low tonal Prosody of the Buzz narration of a Core Identity’s Godhead theory 

  • Paranoia 

  • Schizophrenic hallucinations 

  • OCD 

When DED and DES interact within Phenergan, the sinus passages can be opened, thus allowing for the Lacrimal gland to be stimulated by the breath, thus expelling Histamines. But also, by Phenergan opening the ears, Vestibular Motion Disorder does not become a problem with the sublime action of the Buzz narration of peripheral noise. By using Phenergan, the allergic reaction of D1 receptor and H1 Yeast infection is removed. It is removed from the Lacrimal gland, where it affects mental health, rather than the physical symptoms of DED and Tardive Dyskinesias allergic reaction to certain medications. 

The connection between the Medulla Oblongata, Amygdala and Prefrontal Cortex in:  

Dry Eye Disease and; Tardif Dyskinesia and its allergic Syndromes. 

The neurochemical function that forms within these areas is specific to the Glossopharyngeal and Vagus nerves in the Medulla. These function to provide the Prefrontal Cortex input from their furtherance of inter-functioning from the Amygdala. 

If the sufferer of Dry Eye Disease and syndrome in the sinuses, the Glossopharyngeal functions for the inter-function of the Amygdala and Prefrontal Cortex of thoughtfulness. This area functions the Inner Experience of the inner voice boxes Pharynx located on the left-hand side of the Throat Chakra. 

D1 receptors cause function in the area of the Sympathetic nerve in the Cranial structure (face, neck and skull). D2 functions in the Glossopharyngeal as an inter-function. Prolactin is the function of Rest and Digest response of the Parasympathetic nerve. Including the Vagus, all four nerves are located in the Medulla. Via D1 and D2 the inter-function gives Appraisal and Reappraisal in Autonomy, of the Amygdala and its left-hand side of S-R gives Emotional response of, Reflex in the Prefrontal Cortex. 

Both Disease and Syndrome affect the sufferer with the trauma of Psychosis and Psychological Anxiety when D2 (Beta waves) is blockaded. In the Psychological trauma of Tardif Dyskinesia Prolactin Antipsychotics partially blockade D2 receptors. This causes the emotional thoughtfulness function in mutism of a medicament induced allergy. It also causes the natural occurrence of the Amygdala negative Stimulus of Worry where D1 Alpha waves dysfunction in Dry Eye Disease.  

Because the Glossopharyngeal is an Autonomic function of speech, when the Psychological trauma of mutism occurs, the inner voice box of the Throat Chakra, becomes a trauma of, Inner anxiety Experience. It also leads to Alpha wave D1 receptor Psychological Psychosis. These are all what I consider to be symptoms of DED. These are the result of a Biopsychosocial high-pitched Buzz noises of sublime emotional tones, screaming Appraisal of continuance, via Reappraisal of an afterthought Inner Experience, according to the tonal Prosody of Projection.  

Once Appraisal is the function of the 4 nerves, the inter-function will access the Amygdala of Reappraisal. At this point the function of Cortical rebooting can take place between the two sides of the Amygdala. At that point the Prefrontal Cortex establishes the emotions of facial expressions via Recalland Reflex. Facial expressions where a lack of Cortical rebooting from DED or DES causes an overload in Alpha wave input. That then leads to Psychological Anxiety or the trauma of Psychosis. In the Maintain response of these 5 nerves, as DED or DES, it is the cause of, Alpha waves entering the eyes and directly affecting Cranial nerve functions, Pineal and Lacrimal glands. It then causes trauma, of Anxiety and Psychological Psychosis. In the Maintain response the Alpha waves keep the Ion Channels open to more input instead of a Cortical reboot of a Reappraisal response strategy. It is a cause of Dry Eye Disease.  

This being whereby the Cranial nerves of Sympathetic action, in the eyelids blink capacity, is a dysfunction because the lacrimal gland of the sinuses is dysfunctional. 

The Amygdala is a small almond shape in the brain and part of the Limbic System. The Amygdala has two functions that cause mental health. They are the Parasympathetic Fear response or Sympathetic/Glossopharyngeal Worry response. In the latter is the Psychological trauma of Anxiety disorder and traumatic Psychotic highs. That is where the Amygdala is overstimulated towards the right-hand side. 

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