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Please abide to the laws of your juristictions' area. Information on this website is impartial and is how I saw my life changed via research.


LINKS WITHIN causing outer passages to THIS WEBSITE are outside the scope of anything that this informational service only and - based on limited storage and research time - that ALL is finitely destined to lose should any legality or illegality be proposed to linkages to this website. But, and other's involved that are bound within this website and its resultant links and references outside and directly communicative to myself: are regarded as seeking non-commital advice and impartial knowledge gathering from any form of knowledge pertaining too All. (As of: 28/06/16 A.D)..

1. All material placed on my own subdomain of will at my disgression and views and in no way are at directional sources of information gathering: As I am only a small keynote in a undevisable Cloud system of links leading everywhere; advice can always be sought if you feel you need explanation about any views you wish to be advised upon regarding my Self-Behavioural Analysis website that is intensity of English vocalisation Interpellated....





Music and internet radio is keenly accepted CHIEFLY towards:

1. Please initiate contact via                                   should you have business opportunities. New music if acceptable to Sound Cloud - and or myself - will be considered for my own channel Music-Ka! Anything relating to mental conditions of your concerns to this music station should be directed at me 'Impartially'. Please also see refunds above. My obligations to Sound Cloud initially....


1. We collect no identifiable information on this site other than a members email should they join the site for usage of the chatrooom area and the forum. This is to protect both you and this company. Should you wish for the removal of this detail it will mean termination of your login details due to HTML capacities. Never reveal your password to anyone as I cannot be held rssponsible.

2. Payment details need to be kept for H.M.(I.VAT)R.C purposes for a period of six years including an email address for refund purposes. Your email address only is stored within the paypal security curcuity - for the latter reason - giving the maximum safety of internet security

3. We actively encourage users of the chatroom to report any abusive language of any kind. This can be done via the 'Contact' page.

4. A user always has the option to revoke access to an application at any time with mobile and other devices.

5. If you come to this site via Google, Yahoo or Bing, or any search engine of your choice then all information pertaining to this site is promoted via their services with no liability claims due to ill-informed actions on this site. I, as with Google and those of respectful businesses that adhere to a legal transparency are deemed as part-taking in this agreement.

6. Rules are simple: children may use this site respect that view with honour to our future. Any reports we consider to be causing nuisance and dishonour will cause the removal of a client membership rights. Information regarding the issue may be passed to higher circles if necessary.

7. If any video's on this website make you feel: anxious; demoralised; or remotely unwell: please contact your doctor; or use the Helpline buttons: on

8. Advisary caution is given to all videos placed on this website. If you are feeling low please return to watch any related material on another day.

9. All youtube videos were upload as 'free downloads' at the time of distributing via this website.

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11. Wikipedia have stated that information gathered from their website is fair but impartially used for reasons that allows no litigation to be enforced on either myself, my company, wkipedia or: work furthered without my expressed permission in third party areas of litigation placed via or from any third party's.

11a. If you do decide to use my reproduction of works from Wikipedia and my extension then I require interaction between you or your establishment via retracing the process of for Your permissions and update. This I place as my 'Attribution' of my civil liberties of not having works reproduced as a' fictional quality' from both my research and that that extends from what I consider reliable sources from (?:!)

11b. All Wikipdeia work is in conjunction with other websites and my University Academia and streetwise S.A.B.A and A.B.A.I INNER KNOWLEDGE.

12. The contents of Casualties of Consciousness is covered under the Attribution and copyright on this website as with other references of Attribution. I give impartial cover of upto date advice permissions only to any pre-researchers should any un-authorised Attribution be written without permission should Attribution rules be broken.

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A sensitive subject due to 'Guaranteed automatic downloads' as the website is fully automated and functional.  Many people cannot locate the items on their device and with all the operating systems it is not easy to give instructions as to where you place your downloads. Contact me if that is the case.  


Any merchandise can be returned and includes items such as baseball caps, coffee mugs, etc. They have a seven day return rule and policy from the delivery of the item. Proof of delivery must be sort via registered mail being paid to us. (As of 24/02/2016 no merchandise is within the website yet).

Damaged goods will only receive compensation if the appropriate delivery methods are adhered too via Special Delivery or for large orders a seperate delivery contractor may be used at your direction.

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