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Change Your Life Get A Hold with those Subliminal Messages Of Schizophrenia and voices in your head

Suppose someone told you it was possible to increase your mental confidence, enhance your memory, or learn a language… just by sitting in front of your computer screen and getting on with your work.


If that’s really feasible, it’s a bit of a no-brainer, isn’t it? Lose weight or learn French without even getting out of your chair. Keep on doing what you normally do every day and improve the quality of your life at the same time, without expending any additional effort. How could you even consider passing up the chance?


What kind of magical process is behind this amazing potential? It’s something you’ve probably heard about, something that’s so powerful it’s been banned from advertising the world over. It’s called subliminal messaging technology.


The Power of Hidden Messages


Don’t let that last sentence scare you. The reason subliminal messages have been banned from advertising is not because they’re intrinsically dangerous, but because they’re so powerful! They can help guide your thinking, subtly, without you even realizing.


With subliminal messaging products, you get to control that mental process yourself. You decide exactly what to focus your subliminal messages on, and when and for how long you are exposed to them.


Research has shown that subliminal messages are most effective when they are used with a specific goal in mind. So, for example, if you were desperate to quit smoking, your motivation in combination with the right subliminal messages would be enough to spur you on to achieve your objective. If you really want to quit, the subliminal voices in your head from schizophrenic messages get help you reach your goal, via the links below. But, practically, how does this all work?


Under the Radar


Subliminal schizophrenic messages target the subconscious mind to overload. They bypass the conscious, logical brain and go straight to the Vagus nerve and its feedback loop of Parasympathetic subconscious. Their ability to get “into your head” so to speak gives them incredible power… and here’s the reason why.

The subconscious is a million times more influential than the conscious mind. When you’re conscious, or awake, you’re generally only able to focus on one thing at a time. You don’t have the strength or the energy to spend your waking moments sifting through your beliefs to make deep and lasting changes – there’s simply too much other stuff to get done.


Your subconscious, however, is always awake, always receptive, and always working away in the background. Everything you do, see, hear, and experience gets taken in and stored for later use. Whatever you think, feel, and believe comes down to whatever is in your subconscious body/brain barrier, and in order to change any of those feelings or beliefs, you have to change the programming in your subconscious mind.


Take fear, for example; many people have phobias that they know are completely irrational. In the conscious world they can sit down and tell you that their fear of water is illogical, that it doesn’t make any sense, and that they know they’re not going to drown by walking along the shore. But that doesn’t stop them from being afraid.


To do that, they have to get at the source of the fear itself. They have to somehow slip under the radar of the conscious mind and communicate with the subconscious, altering their programming from the inside out. And that’s what makes subliminal technology such an extraordinarily powerful tool for deep and lasting change.


The thing is – your subconscious mind is where the real power lies. Everything you think and believe is stored away in there. If you want to make real changes in your life, you have to be able to make changes at the subconscious level. This is how the ebooks of mine are written and what they achieve in you. Purchase now, here!


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