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Guts and Psychology Syndrome in the Body/Brain Barrier


Sensory System

The Sensory systems of the Peripheral nervous system involved in Psychosocial (sublimed interactions) of vision (direct and indirect), auditory (heard and Buzzed tonal noise adjustments (vestibular)). It also involves somatic sensation ((touch) but (Core Identity Interpellation towards Psychosocial Performance of Settings)), gustatory (taste), olfaction (smell) and vestibular (balance/movement). What you need to learn of these are notions of ‘Disassociation’ via; the somatic sensation and vision that are a significant course for Self-Behavioural Analysis and the human race moving away from the Taste/smell of Coffee of the day/night/day Bicameral continuum of a Circadian Cycle. This is via Peripheral auditory tones and vision (catching and hearing something out of the corner of your eye causing you to hear self motion as a Technology of Self) you are being asked as a Psychosocial Peripheral Somatic sensation of:


notion → motion → emotion giving trauma of mental illnesses.


Thomas Haslwanter - “Push-pull principle in the vestibular system, for a horizontal head-movement to the right: the right horizontal semi-circular ear canal gets excited, while the left horizontal semi-circular canal gets inhibited.” These are part of the Inner ear and sublime trauma of mental illness.


The trauma in Cupula of motion within the inner ear giving re-stabilization of the Vestibular motion of that re-establishes the inner ears peripheral hearing (sublime) and sight as a conscious hearing of noise and words instead of the trauma of mental illnesses.


Push/Pull link to original


Now if you take a look at this picture – you need to do what I did and feel the inner ears feel how they move….and learn.




At times you might feel Feng Shui of air currents breeze your eye…move stop and return to the same position….see how you feel….was the notion bad and trauma of your emotion…or notions of good vibes?


Or of solitude or is the Psychosocial Phobia imbalance still there?


But best of all was there a laugh and…..yes that can be found….if you would only sit up and listen.


If you’ve got that television or radio on…..see the joke not your trauma of mentality…they’re not laughing at you….they’re laughing for you all...


Don’t beat them…join their style….and learn.


Rise above it. Be alert. And be body ignorant not in the trauma of mental illnesses…but also have a wry smile on your face when you look up from the floor…or yes turn towards that Psychological trauma of, what is paranoia and give a placid wry smile….Body ignorance is looking away and so is not looking for an internet search for Wry as your first placebo.


Don’t beat them…join their style…..and learn wry placid smiles.


They’re laughing for you all. Rise above it. Be alert. And be body ignorant… but also have a wry smile on your face when you look up from the floor…or yes turn towards that Psychological trauma that is paranoia and give a placid wry smile.

Low Serotonin Function in Parasympathetic Depression

Psychological trauma symptoms of Serotonin and mood: as a neurotransmitter in the body/brain barrier via the blood system and digestive tract. This causes trauma in the Vagus nerve x, Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves. It is manufactured in the brain and performs its primary functions. It is produced in the processes caused by Tryptophan which is the building block of proteins. Cells that produce Serotonin neurotransmitter are made from Tryptophan Hydroxylase and combines with Tryptophan in the digestive tract and forms the Serotonin chemical for Psychological Depression trauma symptoms and is known as 5-Hydroxytryptamine. Amines are Nitrogenous compounds of Amine. The inter-conversion of Glutamic acid and Glutamine serves to detoxify Ammonia and the affects of Nitrogenous Compounds. As a Neurotransmitter Serotonin in the body helps send messages across the brain from one cell to another. It is believed Serotonin hormone function has Psychological trauma variability with the Psychological trauma of Depression symptoms and traumatic Anxiousness. Serotonin mood in the brain has links to function, appetite, sleep, memory and your Psychosocial cognitive behaviour.


Imbalances in Serotonin function are the cause of bad mood swings between the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves into the Psychological trauma symptoms of traumatic Depression and all mental health. I say the dysfunction is an Alpha and or Delta partition in the THETA waves has been blocked or lost due to a Histamine function infection of Yeast. It is believed that a lack of this brain receptor - Serotonin chemical - or a shortage of Tryptophan, researchers believe can lead to mental health disorders involved with: the Psychological trauma symptoms of Depression, Psychological Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), traumatic Anxiety issues, Psychological Parasympathetic Panic Attacks and even the Psychological trauma of severe and acute Psychotic Episodes.


A theory on low Serotonin function Depression symptoms of Psychological trauma and how it develops is due to regeneration in the brain cells that is believed to be mediated . This I say is via Serotonin and mood in the Cranial junctions of muscle memory. According to Barry Jacobs, PhD - a Princetown Neuroscientist - the Psychological trauma caused by low Serotonin Depression may be caused by the suppression of new brain cells and also that thoughtful stress and the trauma of Anxiety is the most important precipitator of the Psychological trauma symptoms in low Serotonin Depression. He believes that the antidepressants medicament known as Selective Serotonin chemical Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI's) that are designed to boost Serotonin chemical levels to help to kick off the production of new brain cells, which allows for the alleviation of Psychological trauma of Depression by lifting the mood and alleviating the trauma of Sympathetic Nerves Anxious thoughts.


Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia

The Glossopharyngeal nerve Neuralgia where painlessness gives Tardive Dyskinesia is also Chronic brain Inflammation of Chakra Energies between the IX (Glossopharyngeal) and the X (Vagus) nerves. It is a defining point in the subliminal psychological trauma of voiced Buzz narration in Delta wave Amplitude. It also defines Psychological trauma symptoms in Anxiety and Bipolar traumatic psychological disorders. It defines how Psychosocial see the Peripheral sensual Conformity as Parasympathetic nerve Ignorance towards the Psychological trauma of mental illness clients.


In the psychological trauma symptoms of what is Paranoia and so-called voices in the head, either the Larynx or Pharynx, is where the Biopsychosocial energies extend into the nerves and energy impulses, received in the throat Chakra. If this becomes opened to Kundalini then enlightenment of vocal Self-Behavioural Analysis can begin. That I do via my eBooks: The Trauma of Voices and Body Mentalists. These Chakras are in 7 areas of the body and are quantum color coded. However vast Psychotechnic effects have taken place in the atmosphere - stripping away Germ Layers of Human destiny and giving new ranges to the human brain.


The Glossopharyngeal nerve is the defective aspect of a trauma of subliminally Inner voiced Experience of a Paranoid mental Schizophrenic disease of Delta wave Amplitudes of lacking Inner ear Tinnitus. Energies of the inner voice box at the Throat Chakra echo into the upper palate in the roof of the mouth. Here is where the Glossopharyngeal neuralgia begins to extend the notions of subliminal voices into the thought processes as the psychological trauma definition of voices in the head of Core Identity (Self). Inner voice Experiences extend from the nasal (Lacrimal) Germ Layer and the throat Chakra (Thyroid) into the inner ears.


The Tonsils are an outer Chronic Inflammation of inner energies on the Palate (roof of the mouth) and into the Energies of the Accessory nerve. At this level, Bi-cameral Inner Experiences of energy and subliminal sound energies would block trauma that is Paranoid voices and give in Natural Selection Elation, frustration.


I say Bipolar is a Psychological trauma of sublime Anxiety disorders in its Depressive traumatization via the Accessory nerve dysfunction. Without inner body mentalists functions of body language interpretation in the Inner thought Experience, a Facial Conformity Disorder ensues.

The Bicameral Vagus nerve of speech and thought in a logical silence exists as a body action where the trauma of thoughtful Anxiety is overcome. That is, the trauma of Psychological voices of traumatic Mania Episodes of Bipolar. This nerve is the Vagus nerve motor function of the Inner peace Experience and thoughts of Metropolis. Actions are a displacement away from body thought actions in core identity of the metropolis and the norm of society

Acute-Phase Proteins

Acute-phase Proteins and Histamine receptors are G Protein-coupled Nitrogenous compounds and chronic Inflammation of the Medulla Oblongata. They are of the trauma of Psychiatric Religiousness of Congruence of Cognitive Delta Wave Tinnitus Amplitude frequencies of mental health and voices in the head.


The G Protein-coupled receptors are creating a human Bicameral state of new-world psychiatric the: Delta Wave Amplituder's. A Psycho Social key has already been defined in me regarding personal research into left and right traumas of Tinnitus frequencies as a Psychosocial person of Natured congruence and not denatured Carl Rogers. Acute-phase Proteins are Traumatic Pathogens of traumatized Histamine H1-H4. This creates a Bicameral Human of Delta Wave Cognitive Psychosocial acceptance of the two chambers of hemispheric cognition. But something needs to be achieve when it comes to the trauma of Psycho-effective Disorders. Hemp oil is a beginning police forces of the U.K. Many have a declassified ranking of police authoritative direction to cannabis.


It can be seen that acute-phase proteins and a biosystem of Histamine Inflammation in the Vagus nerve of immune system of Traumatized Pathogenic Enzyme toxins that has created a human capable of semiconscious Cognition to natured sounds of what I know as Bicameral Man.


Acute-phase Proteins cause Histamine H1-H4 Nitrogenous compound inflammation in the Traumatic Pathogen toxins of Enzymes. It is from the trauma of the liver the responds by producing a large number of Acute-phase reactants.


Reactants are any of a number of proteins that migrate in the alpha1 and alpha2 regions of a serum protein electrophoresis, which are elevated in acute inflammation. Acute phase reactants traditionally include alpha1-antitrypsin, alpha1 acid glycoprotein. Alpha Wave Amplitudes of Tinnitus frequency are affected into THETA Wave Amplitude via hemp oil or cannabis as I found out in Amsterdam.

Al•pha rhyth•m

1. a wave pattern in the encephalogram in the Tinnitus frequency band of 8-13 Hz;

2. the posterior dominant 8-13 Hz rhythm in the awake, relaxed person with eyes that practice Cognitive methods of Cortical rebooting and that attenuates with eye opening.


Chronic Depressive Inflammation

Chronic Inflammation is increasingly seen as a cause of the trauma of Depression, but in this research, it links to Bipolar Disorder as well. The trauma of Chronic Mentality Inflammation and its study is known as Psycho-neuro-immunology.


As noted in 2012 in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology 'Elevated Biomarkers of Inflammation, including Cytokines and Acute-phase Proteins, have been found in depressed patients...


Chronic Inflammation and traumatized mentality of Depressive Disorders are caused by negative traumatized feelings and the trauma of mental emotions to the consciousness. This is with increasing evidence that Cytokine and Acute-phase Proteins cause the traumatizing condition of Schizophrenia and also major traumatic Depressive Disorders, but also Elation in Bipolar and Enzymes.


Alpha-1 Antitrypsin (A1AT) is a protease inhibitor belonging to the Serpin superfamily. It is generally known as Serum Trypsin Inhibitor of Enzymes. Alpha 1-Antitrypsin is also referred to as Alpha-1 Proteinase Inhibitor (A1PI) because it inhibits a wide variety of proteases (collective of the many Enzymes). It protects tissues from enzymes of body mentality inflammatory cells, especially Neutrophil Elastase, and has a reference range in the blood of 1.5 - 3.5 gram/liter, but the concentration can rise much fold upon Acute Inflammation. Here I say Bipolar Elation may exist. Secretions by Neutrophils and Macrophages during Chronic Inflammation destroys bacteria and host tissue. Cytokines are produced by a broad range of cells, including immune cells like Macrophages. Neutrophil is a Serine Proteinase in the same family as Chymotrypsin. Serpin was originally phrased because the first Serpins to be identified act on Chymotrypsin-like serine Proteases.


In its absence (such as in Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency), Neutrophil Elastase is free to break down Elastin, which contributes to the elasticity of the lungs. However, the problem is blocked in the Medulla Oblongata as a non-physical illness phenomenon. Alpha-1 Antitrypsin protects the system from Enzymes of Inflammatory cells in the blood. In the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic reactions, it causes COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) as a psychological trauma mentality of starving of Oxygen via the Parasympathetic nerve in ‘Rest and Digest’ as the trauma of Lethargy.


In the state of traumatic Depression, a Facial Conformity Disorder sets the face into Depression via Leucine and the muscle structure of HMB (beta-Hydroxy beta-methyl butyric acid). This then becomes traumatized in the electrochemistry of Psychosocial nerve tissue and scent.


Tryptophan a white, aromatic, crystalline, essential amino acid, produced synthetically and indigestion by the action of Trypsin on proteins. It does make that Tryptophan gained from many foods plays a part within this system of the trauma of Depressive Disorders because it is asleep and lethargy electro-chemical, but research would be regarded as necessary into the effects of its Niacin (vitamin B3) production along with Serotonin (Parasympathetic nerve Anxiety and mood lowering). Tryptophan an essential amino acid, formed from proteins during digestion by the action of proteolysis enzymes. It is necessary for normal growth and development and is the precursor of several substances It is present in many foods we eat, especially chocolate, oats, bananas, and milk.


Sympathetic Nerve Anxiety

Sympathetic Overproduction is traumatic panic, hyperactivity, anxiety, and irritability.


Overproduction in the Sympathetic nerve is the by-product of too much stress, tension giving traumatic pressure on the Parasympathetic nerve as well. In some cases of electrochemical stimulation depletion of key nutrition causes traumatic mental illness rather than a dysfunctional system of mentality body Mentalist traumatization’s. Set Standards of Body Mentalist training is needed and are a first key stage to curing anything in the trauma of mentality. The body motions the electro-chemical frequency system will respond if it has the extra nutraceutical and nutritional ingredients of Tinnitus frequency in the blood plasma. I have found 4 key areas of nutraceuticals (supplements of vitamins and minerals) of the body/brain barrier: Glutamate; Dopamine; Histamine; Acetylcholine.


Overproduction and anxiety become a dysfunction in the parasympathetic of ‘Rest and Digest’ where ‘Disassociation’ should be a motion of Body Mentalist attitude but is not formed in the Core Identity body language.


Vestibular Motion Disorders are Tinnitus frequency trauma issues and these can be corrected via Set Standards of issues in Body language Mental-ism. Tinnitus trauma in the blood/brain barrier of the inner ear creates body notions that lead to conscious motion. In anxiety and traumatic Vestibular Motion Disorders, the head movement is misaligned giving trauma and voices to the inner sense of feeling from these two nerves. Tinnitus gives motion and feelings to the body. Tinnitus if dysfunctional can make you hear trauma of voices in the head from a delusional inner traumatic psychotic episode because it is the ultimate self in cognitive hearing.


This is how Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (C.B.T) recognizes the Inner trauma Experiences that the trauma of sublime voices and cancellation of that sublimed anxiety gives echoes to via Self-negotiation when their own inner experiences sense vocal anxiety. Prosodic Projection is an act of how C.B.T works as the negotiation method of cancellation.


Projection trauma and anxiety are the Outer Frequencies of Tinnitus that I say belong with the Enkephalins and Endorphins control via strengths of Blood Plasma in the blood/frequency barrier to Outer/Inner Experiences. These are the notions that I say begins Interpellation and Conjoining towards a Performance.  In a Performance, people gather to congregate and converse. This creates a Buzz that generates down the ears and reaches your feelings with emotional Tinnitus input that blood plasma defines your presence of strength via the motions of body and voice. Sublime noises from anxiety disorder trauma make you react, so start studying the presence of noise that makes you look up and around via anxiety. In the tones of these traumatic sounds are the key to changing your Buzz that affects your Sympathetic and Parasympathetic reactions as trauma and voices of anxiety. Reach out and if you persist you will find a voice in the crowd that has an effect on your emotions and Tinnitus. In a body, mentalist attitude vocalization must be kept calm if what you hear is abusive or traumatic voices that give anxiety.


This is how paranoia and anxiety trauma affect your feelings because you are tuning into the wrong Buzz in the Homeostatic atmosphere of the Psychosocial interaction. In the formula of sensation, the head moves and this is the time when you should be studying what you are hearing as trauma. Move around a place and start to get comfortable, but also stop suddenly if sensation makes you look up or around with your hearing. If it sounds harsh take another step until you hear a Ha or a Ho of laughter. HeHe just means you have moved into the same trap. Get to learn laughter and tones and how they make your trauma of voices feel. A link on being gullible below.



Enkephalin is a component made of four identical Amino Acids and is Pentapeptides. Five (Penta) pronged Amino Acids that react to Acetylcholine. They are also composed of Leucine or Methionine. They are neurotransmitters of the body/brain barrier and are partly responsible for:






Effects from the Enkephalin system can have an opiate-like affectation on the body/brain barrier. But also may cause mood and behavior disorders. [Leu]enkephalin is thought to aid in controlling the behavior fear. Fear is a physical feeling relating to anxiousness rather than emotional paranoia issued in the elimination trauma of voices and noises. When the analog [DAlaDLeulenkephalin (0.4, 4.0, and 40.0; mg/kg) is used 'in vivo' (an organisms reactions) the behavior fear was inhibited where the fear response is usually to an adverse situation. At the same time, it is thought [Leu]Enkephalin works within a Peripheral reactional location.


Peripheral is a feeling or sensation processed in paranoia because of the intuitional feeling of, "Someone is looking at me" when seen or eventually heard across a distance. A peripheral divide that is then sometimes extended to visual sights because a paranoid sensation building in the inner ear is visually confirmed causing anxiety. Being an opiate it is a pleasure zone and so suppresses the mood and behavior of fear and anxiety. Fear is a physical feeling but paranoia formed from the hearing is from an unspecified trajectory. So in the Psychosocial atmosphere or even in a room alone Peripheral feelings of paranoia are more heard than seen if it is a beginning point of the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) of sight and sound. Hearing can cause paranoia and sight anxiousness simply because the sound is a notion to the Core Identity (Self) that is given an aspect before it becomes a conscious action. That conscious action is the sight of the attackers or intrusion to life expectancy. Paranoia is a feeling that cannot always be identified towards a conscious action, but also sublime hearing causing Psychotic disorders of 'hearing voices in the head'. So paranoia is a Vestibular Motion Disorder in the Sympathetic nerve reaction of 'Fight or Flight' in the inner ear or the release of the adrenaline opposition called Norepinephrine.


Breathing is an anxiety/paranoia response of 'Rest and Digest' and a need for 'Disassociation' to 'Fight or Flight' in the hearing that is causing the paranoia and causing the breath alertness to a building panic or anxiety attack where fear is building towards consciousness in the auditory level. Breathing is also a defense against sublime paranoid hearing when audible to the hearing whether internally or externally heard. Smell and taste have become a sublime latent ideology in the modern human due to lacking liquidity in saliva and nasal moisture. At present, it is believed a healthy human can produce 1.8 pints of saliva per day and two to four pints of water should be drunk per day. I say for the new Homeostatic power and frequency supply being fed to our atmosphere it needs a re-examination of nutritional and liquid sustenance in species.


In the use of Leucine or Methionine with the four Amino Acids, deficiencies can be found in mental health disorders. It is also said that Methionine can worsen the mental health disorder Schizophrenia and Acidosis. The latter due to Lysine and Ketones. So saying Enkephalins seem to have a coincidence for the processes involved with anxiety (fear) and paranoid schizophrenia. Fear can also involve panic Stimulus-Response (S-R) due to the internal and external breathing becoming out of harmony with the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system and the Vagus nerves response to sublime instinctual breath and these nerves reactions in the heart. In turn, the Reflex caused by S-R is inhibited via test results in lab tests on rats. Adverse mood swings would be indicative of a lack in the Pentapeptides because Leucine and Methionine are of the tissue and the skin, hair, and nail structure.

Tardif Dyskinesia and Facial Conformity Disorder

Beta-Hydroxy Beta-Methylbutyric Acid (HMB), in its supplemental form, is commonly used by bodybuilders or athletes who are interested in increasing the benefits of strength training. HMB could give a better body/brain barrier of mental strengthening, to the Theory of Mind and Embodiment towards: depressive operant conditioning involved with the reflex in trauma of Facial Conformity Disorders (FCD) and trauma of Residual Suicidal Risk Attributes (RSRA) to a life narration needing extension instead of dying from RRS and an unorthodox psychological trauma of sadness syndrome.


So, HMB Acid and help with depression and psychological trauma of Suicidal Residual Risk. To the body/brain barrier trauma of mentality and trauma of athletic stamina is via leucine and metabolic reactions with HMB. A metabolite like HMB stimulates a trauma of the Inhibitory and excitory reactions of enzymes and is relative to the sympathetic and parasympathetic psychological trauma of these nerves.


Leucine is the acquisition of HMB rejuvenation and so maybe this can also rejuvenate leanness back away from the trauma of FCD, defined by levels of trauma in the muscles, causing trauma of sadness attributes in epidermal layers such as in trauma of depressive disorders. But also, can HMB help trauma of RRS via epidermal re-layering of muscle psychological trauma of sadness? In theory as an Alpha Amino Acid Leucine is controlled via the parasympathetic reaction causing a trauma of Residual Risk Attribute in the Circadian Cycle.

Trauma of depressive disorders are an FCD set in a psychosocial buzz of motions giving those inner carbon distortions. So maybe yoga, ballet or dance school is a better option for some, rather than a strenuous workout. Simply because the trauma of suicidal attribute is already a natural cycle of enquiry of the Circadian Cycle:


Stimulus → Response = Psychosocial Operant Conditioning → Core Identity Reflexion



HMB is an active metabolite to the amino acid leucine, meaning a portion of leucine is metabolized into HMB (Flavour Pathogen = Carbon - Nitrogen) within in the body/brain barrier of enzymes. This could lead you to genetic sciences in how gaseousness in the organism creates blockages in electrochemistry via trauma of the vagus nerve interaction with vocal patterns and the viscera but also re-opens them to bio-genesis and removal of the trauma of RSRA where HMB needs reapplying according to the FCD depth. Bones are an 11-year cycle of inquiry.


In essence, HMB becomes known as a plasma/frequency blood flow of trauma of the endothermic and exothermic reactions in the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous peripheral reactions and how well the vagus nerve conveys and expresses the inner/outer self. Leucine is the branched chain amino acid that has responsibilities for protein synthesis, or muscle growth and connective tissue to skins outer self of mold growth on the exposed skin. At this point, connective tissue in the Epidermal Layers of the skin starts the aging process and sometimes trauma of depressive disorders in terms of a basis View become the trauma of non-physical illness phenomena simply for; purveying trauma of sadness resulting as a traumatic Suicidal Residual Risk!



Science is discovering more about the connection between the stomach and body/brain barrier and the role of the little-known and rare enterochromaffin (EC) cells. It may become central to our understanding of how the brain and stomach communicate with the body. We have all felt butterflies or that wrenching feeling in our stomach when we are suffering from anxiousness. We also know anxiety and depression and the neurochemical imbalance of schizophrenia often leads to various disorders of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. We have known for quite a time that our mental health state can be affected by the stomach function, and what we are discovering now with the help of research is how stomach health affects the mental state of the brain and our general well-being. These days it seems that what has been missing from this circadian cycle is our understanding of the EC cells functionality.

Basis of the stomach/brain barrier.

To fully understand the role of these EC cells, we have to look into some basic concepts and also the facts. Our stomach has more neurons than our spine or sublime peripheral nervous system. This why the stomach is also known as the second brain. These neurons have various functions, like controlling stomach motility, protecting against irritants (via increased motility or throwing up), and many other functionalities not yet understood. In biology, motility is the ability of organisms and fluid to move or get around. The stomach neurons mostly work independently from the brain, but only when required, they send information and get feedback from the brain, thus functioning as a closed loop often called the stomach-brain axis. In the stomach/brain barrier the Vagus nerve is the chief control as this controls many of the vital organs fed via neurochemistry from the brain.​

EC cells play a vital part in the stomach-brain axis. These cells have receptors that are always listening to various activities in the stomach and sending feedback to the brain and other neurons of the stomach through chemical messengers or hormones in neurochemistry. Although EC cells have functional similarities to glands, they are spread all over the digestive tract, and they form about one percent of the stomach’s epithelium. Although one percent may sound small, EC cells secrete more than 30 kinds of hormones and neurotransmitters. These facts will likely increase as more of the relative neurochemicals become identified. In fact the EC cells secrete more than 90% of the body’s serotonin. This is a neurotransmitter that is well-known for its role in various mental health states of mind and includes mental health disorders like the psychological traumas of depression and anxiety. Both can be seen as stress related to the Inner though Experience. These stresses are the Fight or Flight and Disassociation of the body/brain barriers Sympathetic nerve. It is also a lack of Ignorance that the Parasympathetic nerve which also causes Rest and Digest.

Now, it is well understood that the communication between the brain and stomach barrier is double-sided and forms as a loop. Thus, the mental distresses caused by stomach disorders may influence mental health states. EC cells have a critical role in this entire loop.

Inflammation and Mood Swings

There has been growing Psychological research into the traumas of Chronic Inflammation. And this is the Psychological trauma involved with mental health disorders of mood swings. Psychological mood swings such as the trauma of Depression, traumatic Anxiety Disorders and Bipolar Disorders.​

Depression is commonly found in a Core Identity suffering autoimmune diseases, gastrointestinal (stomach) inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, type-2 Diabetes and cancer. All of these contribute to low-grade inflammation as a substantial contributing to the trauma of Depression. From research, it has been suggested that the dysfunction of the stomach/brain barrier of the Vagus nerve in the brain may be the primary cause of Chronic Inflammation that causes traumatic mood swings. Treatment via psychiatry does not usually allow for vitamin B, vitamin D and Omega-3 oils that may be used to treat the trauma of Depression, traumatic Anxiety issues and the Psychological trauma of Bipolar Disorder.​

These three holistic nutraceutical supplements are said to lessen the effects of Chronic Inflammation that causes the conditions and symptoms involved with mood swing disorders. It is essential to know that when these substances are low Chronic Inflammation is the result that wreaks havoc on the Core Identity (Self) in the body/brain barrier where the Vagus nerve feeds the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves. I can say that the area affected by the trauma of Anxiety is the Sympathetic nerve. And traumatic Depression is the result of the Parasympathetic nerve. Bipolar is a dysfunction in both of these nerves because of the imbalance caused via the stomach/brain barrier of the Vagus nerve that is part of the Autonomic Nervous System, Central Nervous System. The Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve control the Peripheral Nervous System where subliminal reactants from the public Psychosocial insights cause Ignorance and Disassociation to mental health issues in the nutritionally balanced Norm of Society.​

In Psychological trauma of Bipolar Disorders, it is because the traumatic mood swings are a lack of Anxiety which is replaced by the mania of thoughtlessness. The thought is a Sympathetic nerve reaction, but also a hyperstimulation via Fight or Flight in determining an illogical state of nothing to think about. Mania is the device of not having anything to run away from in Flight of this nerve but is a disturbing balance of causing turmoil of Fight your way out nothing but yourself as a Core Identity of manic disorders. In the Parasympathetic nerve and a Depressive Disorder of Bipolar, it is a matter of Rest and Digest where the facial structure causes emotions that slouch the face into a saddened look because there is nothing to Fight. These conditions I know as a Facial Conformity Disorder of a Psychosocial Phobia in the Norm of Society.


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