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Being gullible is an area that is overlooked when it comes to trauma of mental illness disorders. It has links to trauma of depression and traumatic frustration and can lead to a Core Identity becoming paranoid into forming a trauma of Psychosocial interaction. Now what you may not realise if you find you are the brunt of jokes it is because of the way you laugh. The laugh in tonal affects can be formed three ways in basic forms: HoHoHo; HaHaHa and HeHeHe. By using these methods about being gullible you can actually lift yourself out of being the focal point of: traumatic mirth, traumatic ridicule and trauma of sadness and vindicism. These are the first points that lead into a traumatic mental health disorder.

Now when you are listening to a joke the tonal ranges of Ha can be considered as an exclamation mark (!) of tonal authority. It is also a way of saying Ha I've caught you! During a joke you can intermittantly add the odd HoHoHo. This is because it can be used in an expression of questioning someone (?). It is a tonal affect that is deeper than the use of Ha which is expressed as surprise. Ha is a way that alerts the Sympathetic area of the brain an anti-gullible state in Theory of Mind - that then causes the 'Fight or Flight' action of alerting you to danger. In the latter 'Disasociation' to being gullible is the trauma of Alleviation of 'Fight and flight'.  That is the point of HeHeHe and Ha! Beware of overextending the use of this though because the other will be trying to steal, balance or because you are upsetting their own tones towards your HaHaHa because it is a higher tone than what the authority of the joke is trying to verbally extend. So when a joke is being said use a Ho for a well balanced feeling in yourself and other's. But at points of trauma of frustration you must learn to use the Ha. Dont worry to much because the joker will get bored with the joke in most cases anyway. Just be aware it can become aggression as an effect from other people.


HoHoHo is a placid term balance and can be used as an expression that is in harmony with what the other is saying. Here you could become gullible though. This is because you are lowering the defences and letting the other know you are warming towards there traumamatic mirth or traumatic ridicule. At this point the use of HeHeHe can be used. This is because it is a way of expressing a sly notion is being displayed or demonism. It can also cause within yourself actions that define that you are aware a joke is about to be played. At this point you have moved away from being the centre point of that ridicule.







The use of tonal Ho lowers your inhibitions - gullible state that may need from you the Ha of shock, surprise or a tonal ridicule of Ahhh. This Ahhh is a snear from the smile. This state leads into a Parasympathetic effect 'Rest and Digest' the information with the body/brain barriers causing a Cortical Reboot (blinking) of your circuitree. No that is not a spelling mistake... At this point 'Dissociation' is Ha rather than Ho. At this point the Hehehe is the point of agression that needs balance of Hohoho via toning downwards in vocal level. Do not fall into Ho as a laugh of a singular rather sound HoHoHo. These sounds need analysis in your individual conversation where Hehehe keeps equilibrium. So you need to learn points of Ho and Ha to keep yourself alert to what is really going on in the tones of the the other speaker. But also learn to use the HeHeHe because that is the sly art of understanding when someone is trying to make you gullible.

Someone that suffers from being gullible can become traumatically stressed, depressed or even in trauma of a paranoid state. It can move to becoming Psychosocial phobia of tones when out in public places. In terms of a trauma of mental health disorders the tones that are part of your Theory of Mind that can form triggers and eventually becomes what Conditions you into actions of notions that give emotional body language. It is the natural order of things when in Psychosocial interaction.


When using the three tonal effects you can actually relieve the mental health disorder effects that life has. In the book many more ideals Body Mentalists are formulated against the trauma of mental health disorders and traumatic Psychological social phobias. Mental health disorder is the state of body ignorance that has been depleted from your mind and body set. Give the webpage a visit and ponder on buying a life change E-book. It is free with the first mental health book.



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