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The thought rationality blockade of Orofacial Dyskinesia: as a Facial Conformity Disorder or a Marathon runner? A Biopsychosocial Performance of HMB, vitamin D1 and D2. 

How does the Psychological trauma of Orofacial Dyskinesia cause: medication induced Psychological trauma of Psychosis? How does Orofacial Dyskinesia affect mental health in Anxiety or the stamina ‘Fight or Flight’ response generally? How does a Marathon runner have mental stamina? 

Orofacial Dyskinesia and emotional mental stamina are a symptom that affects the character and the body’s emotional feelings of neurochemistry. Character building is the Social Sciences webpages. These here are Self-hacked mental illness webpages in that they explain how the, Sympathetic stamina nerve and also Orofacial Dyskinesia of, ‘Fight AND Flight’ response becomes Psychologically traumatising to stamina, mentality and causes Psychosis or Anxiety and lose of Willpower. You can find a book on Willpower in our shop. Whether you are a Marathon runner or suffering Orofacial Dyskinesia ‘Fight AND flight’ are the in-decisions that eat away at your mentality stamina. 

This is a Facial Conformity disorder in the Cranial nerves and facial muscles that character building can change by removing Yeast infections.  

Even Vagus nerve of Orofacial Dyskinesia from medication! 

But can HMB supplement, vitamin D1 or D2 help with side effects?  

When emotional facial mentality thoughts or feelings overwhelm you as a mental health patient or Marathon runner, this can take on two forms: 

  • Overwhelming or a disparaging silence (Paranoia or Mutism) 

  • Constant points of mentality induced worry (Anxiety and Psychosis) 

The second bullet is the result of the facial structure that, follows the muscle dysfunctions of a Facial Conformity Disorder (FCD). A FCD is the process where the facial muscles conform the Cranial nerves to an overload of stamina failings and mental health feelings into thoughtful emotions. These emotions are a cause of the body/brain barrier. It is where Psychosocial interaction causes mentality disfigurement, by a Psychological emotional trauma. It is where your D2 blockade from meds and a Histamine H3 Yeast infection in the Medulla Oblongata, that contains 4 nerves. It is a point where the HMB Enzymes are wrongly interpreted by the Vagus/gut barrier interaction for physical and mental stamina. 

The traumatized facial muscles of a FCD or social inability can contort themselves into, for example, physical exhaustion, a Psychotic, Anxious, Depressed or Paranoid emotional stance.  

It can also cause hallucinations of visual; Confabulation within a Core Identity. So, the Yeast infection of a Facial Conformity Disorder is either: 

  • Side effect of HMB blockade 

  • Vitamin D2 allergic reaction in the Blockade of the Cranial nerves 

  • Histamine H3 reaction in the homeostatic Biopsychosocial Core Identity from Orofacial Dyskinesia 

  • D1 AND Histamine H3 receptor dysfunction in the Vagus/gut barrier 

  • Histamine dysfunction in the body/brain barrier of Yeast 

Are there side effects to the supplement nutraceutical HMB, vitamin D1 and D2? 

  • The lack of Mindful frequencies of Tinnitus pitches.  

  • Mindfulness stability via conscious Tinnitus from Alpha amplitudes 


  • Stamina functioning against Inner thought Experiences of a Marathon runner 

So now there are no side effects by combining these nutraceutical supplements. Unless of course you lack Protein or Prolactin. 

Without this Cognition of Stimulus-Response as a conscious left-hand-side Tinnitus of the inner ear, or Inner peace Experience, of mental and physical stamina results in; 

  • Allergic reaction to the Biopsychosocial reactant of H3 (Histamine Delta receptor) from a Medulla Oblongata Yeast infection. That is, Orofacial Dyskinesia or lack of stamina due to HMB supplement depletion. 

  • Lacking D2 then causes Ignorance 

  • D2 depletion also causes Lethargy instead of ‘Rest and Digest’. 

D1 causes the Marathon runner to continue, even an Antipsychotic medicament induced catatonic mental health patient.  

When Dopamine vitamin D2 is blockaded by a Prolactin (Protein) Sparing Drug or food diet, Alpha receptors from the vitamin D1 cause visual hallucinations from the dysfunction caused by Prolactin Sparing drugs. This in turn is from the Cranial nerves in the Sympathetic responses to the allergic reaction of, Histamine H3 in the stomach, or Sacral Chakras function of, Eastern medicine as a Yeast infection in the Vagus nerve. 

These are the very thing that Eastern sciences tried to cure because they are considered – in my estimation - by some Western Psychologists as Yeast infections.  

I say, like natural Beta wave receptors of, brain frequencies of, vitamin D2 blockade, it becomes an allergic reaction of, Yeast nitrogenous compounds to body Histamine and brain H3 receptors in the synaptic connections. This in turn, causes the Dopamine vitamin D1 of Alpha wave frequencies, of the daily Biopsychosocial atmosphere to consume eyes that cannot Cortically reboot. This then causing the Biopsychosocial of the Vagus nerve interaction of: Histamine and H3 receptor in the body/brain barrier and; Parasympathetic Ignorance.  

When the eyes close for sleep into the day/night/day continuum of the Circadian Cycle, the Alpha emissions of the day can still be viewed via closed eyes. This is because the Delta wave receptors of the night continuum have been entered.  

Its process is an achievement of Visionary meditative Shaolin and Tibetan Monks via Histamine H3 and vitamin D1 Delta waves of, mastering visions in Mindfulness, you Marathon runners and Doctors!  

But those that have a FCD of Orofacial Dyskinesia or social sciences inadequacy, you will not be capable of those CBT teachings. It is because Alpha wave frequencies lacking in the conscious Tinnitus that are needed to open up the thoughtlessness stamina via D2 and its Sympathetic nerve Disassociation. This does allow for a conscious equilibrium of a thoughtless Marathon runner, let alone a catatonic mental health patient overdosing on D1 receptors. Someone on Mothers continuum of Embryonic Germ Layers and Alpha wave particles in their stomachs and brains and a good diet – is a Marathon runner and not a mentally ill patient with Orofacial Dyskinesia.  

For the untrained instinctual mind knowing Tinnitus frequencies can be inexplicable. You can also become mentally and physically confused at times in a race or area. In the FCD however, this can become part of the muscle memory dysfunction that Orofacial Dyskinesia can cause. That is because the, chemical imbalance of a Psychosocial endothermic and Exothermic exchange of, Script narration of, Biopsychosocial Core Identities jeering instead of, cheering in the Peripheral sublime Buzz of the crowd. And that is where the cause of bad scent extends from Core Identity to Biopsychosocial. At this point the FCD causes you to start to lose the mental functions of the Throat Chakras, ears, nose and throat. These then enters the Sensual Temperal Neuron points where the Receptors of the Third Eye and Pituitary Gland transmit the Inner Experience of Endothermic and Exothermic reactions of the Germ Layers and 0-7 Chakras of spiritual thought. However, that is Vagus nerve thought reaction.  

In mental health a catatonia causes thoughtfulness, but because the runner is swaying and exercising, they manage to keep from the crowd’s sublime jeering, causing them to win the race. A confused state that becomes incomprehensible in the sublime Buzz of conscious Tinnitus. A state that extends the mental health and physical stamina. 

In a Psychotic or mindful voice, the Chakras ‘voices in the head’ will exist as a Core Identity of Self. In an Anxiety trauma, ‘voices in the head’ are an Inner trauma Experience of irrational thought responses, when stamina is low or, the shock of a FCD dysfunction syndrome half way through the racecourse. This is because the Orofacial Dyskinesia or social inability has entered the Amygdala of the brain. In the Marathon runner and mental health client, both of you reach a point in your facial muscle posture that is a normal cycle. It is a matter of knowing when the, facial structure is in the process of entering an, Anxiety or fear state. These stressor points can be seen and realigned via Mindfulness training, a CBT trainer, but also my two books, The Trauma of Voices and Body Mentalists. 

From here the Cycle of Enquiry for, Orofacial Dyskinesia and FCD goes into, the emotional trauma of, the Facial muscle memory of, strength and mentality. And from my experience of Orofacial Dyskinesia’s FCD it has, reference to each wrong given by each case against Prolactin Antipsychotics. This facial muscle memory is controlled by the Sacral and Third Eye Chakras function and the Prefrontal Cortex. The Chakras Energies belong to the Vagus and Pituitary Gland and the function of memory to facial emotion is the Prefrontal area of the Third Eye. There are also the Temple Sensual Neuron points at the sides of the forehead temples. These control Vestibular motion of the ears and eyes, via emotional physical stance and Cranial responses to an emotional face that is not regularly marathon running. 

So anyway the use of D2 (Beta waves) blockade causes the user of Antipsychotics to suffer from an Alpha wave function of Amphetamines or a Delta wave function of Hallucinating A-class drugs called Antipsychotics. This actually causes the new quackery of a Psychiatric disease known as Dry Eye Disease.

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