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Recent studies into an oxidant and antioxidant imbalance may have a role in psychological mental schizophrenia symptoms and when you hear voices in your head. Antioxidant imbalance may have a role in the pathophysiology of mental schizophrenia trauma and voices. In present studies performance tests to assess differences in plasma levels of Malondialdehyde (MDA), as the oxidant nutrient, the antioxidant of a superoxide dismutase (SOD), reduced glutathione (GSH), vitamin E (tocopherol), vitamin C (ascorbic acid) have been performed. This is to assess total antioxidant capacity (TAC). This is in patients with psychological trauma symptoms of mental schizophrenia of traumatic and delusional voices in your head compared with healthy people. The levels of MDA are of significant increase - in a patient with Schiziphrenia symptoms and the trauma of psychological voices inside head.
Plasma is the extracellular matrix of blood cells. It makes up about 55% of the body's total blood volume. The significance of malondialdehyde (MDA) determination is in the assessment of Germ Layer chronic inflamation. Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is an enzyme that helps with the breakdown of potentially harmful oxygen molecules in cells. This all, in fact, might prevent damage to Germ layers of the body/brain barrier. These are the three layers of tissue known as Endoderm (organs), Mesoderm (deep tissue) and Ectoderm (skin layers).
The levels of SOD, GSH, vitamin E and C and TAC in plasma have now been shown a significance of increase in their level. This positive and negative syndrome scale change scores after 12 weeks improve significantly with the use of antioxidant vitamins E and C. This is compared to using antipsychotics treatment alone for Schizophrenia symptoms with trauma and Psychological trauma symptoms of voices inside head.

So oral supplements of antioxidants in a combination of C and E reduces chronic inflamation. These improve clinical symptoms and suggests the application of antioxidant in clinical trials is beneficial to prevent or reduce the progression of the psychological trauma symptoms of Schizophrenia illness and traumatic sublime hearing of voices inside your head. Schizophrenia illness and the trauma of voices inside your head is usually a right hand ear infection that is caused by thought interaction from the vagus nerve. It is where the ear and right side of the throat Chakra interact. The throat of the inner voice box of sublime larynx interaction with the vagus nerve (Mesoderm/Ectoderm tissue).This is how the Psychological trauma of voices inside your head and psychological Schizophrenia illness interact within a Core Identity (self).
Psychological trauma symptoms of Schizophrenia disease and the trauma of when you hear voices is a traumatic mental health disorder. In the form of abnormal to be Normal in psychology terminology. It has a life-time prevalence of approximately 1% of the worlds population.







chronic inflamation mechanisms have been implicated in Schizophrenia disease and the trauma of when you hear voices in your head. Clients are considered particularly vulnerable to the damage for several reasons.The oxidative vulnerability of the brain, is with growing evidence in neuro-psychiatry syndromes,suggesting that oxidative damage may be a plausible cause of the Psychological trauma symptoms and Schizophrenia disease with trauma and voices. Many experimental models have exemplified that chronic inflammation induces behavioral and molecular anomalies strikingly similar to those experienced by clients with the trauma that describe schizophrenia and voices in my head.Thus the evidence for the chronic inflammation in the function of Neuro-psychiatric disorders that describe Schizophrenia and Psychological trauma symptoms of Depression, offers a therapeutic approach. This is in the form of antioxidants. vitamin E and vitamin C. They are well known antioxidants that are said to protect a Schizophrenic with trauma when you hear voices, against damage to Germ Layers. That protection is by their ability to redirect free radicals.
Several studies have now examined the efficiency of vitamin E or vitamin C in the treatment that describe schizophrenia. The treatment of psychological trauma that describe schizophrenia and when you hear voices, especially the most disturbing symptoms - is considered to be very difficult. That is because treatment with both typical as well as atypical antipsychotics have serious side effects that lead to a significant loss of quality of life. That is especially true of Tardive Dyskinesia where vitamin E and C can restore facial muscles via β-Hydroxy β-Methylbutyrate (HMB). This combined, then interacts with the facial Trigeminal nerves via Omega-3 oils in the brain.
Developing alternative to being a Schizophrenic is with treatment strategies that are important because that may augment the antipsychotic action and reduce the side effects. Clinical trials on adjunctive antioxidants in the treatment of schizophrenia Disorder symptoms and Psychological trauma symptoms of Depression have utilized vitamin E and vitamin C, Ginkgo biloba extract and N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) for psychological trauma symptoms that describe Schizophrenia with the trauma of when you hear voices in head.
Side effects of Schizophrenia Disorder symptoms with trauma when you hear voices and Tardive Dyskinesia affects the Trigeminal nerves in the face. The facial structure of HMB is realigned by the use of vitamin E, whilst Leucine that promotes health in the Cranial nerves of the Trigeminal. I would say the catalyst is vitamin C - in plasma within the facial structure. I see Tardive Dyskinesia as a Facial Conformity Disorder where the facial muscle conforms to mental illnesses such as severe Depression and Paranoid Schizophrenia Disorder symptoms, from the side effects of medication. The side effect of Tardive Dyskinesia from medications, is when the HMB in muscles, pulls the facial structure into looks of psychological trauma that is Paranoia and severe Depression. This is caused when Leucine from the deficiency of Omega oils in the Cranial nerves short circuit because of the lack of vitamin E and C. The vitamin helps restructure the HMB in the facial muscle structure. Leucine and NAC are found in supplement. However, Leucine can cause an increase in severe Depression.






Allmax nutritional supplement contains N-acetyl cysteine and Leucine. It works by increasing antioxidants and detoxification compound glutathione. This reduces acidification in the skeletal muscles and nerves against a Facial Conformity Disorder. So this supplement could enhance the cranial structure away from Tardive Dyskinesia when used to compliment vitamin C, E with Omega 3 oil.

These have been considered for some to improve the outcome of these traumatic Psychosocial diseases of psychological trauma and when you hear voices. Trials have been done with vitamin C with haloperidol and reports gave no improvement of symptoms. But then again vitamins E and C, Leucine along with omega 3 fatty acids have shown significant symptomatic improvements in the psychological trauma symptoms of Schizophrenia Disorder symptoms. Many trials have shown the benefits of these supplements and vitamins. And that is by reversal of MDA, ascorbic acid and SOD levels. These showed improved positive and negative symptoms and also extrapyramidal side effects in Schizophrenia Disorder symptoms with Psychological trauma symptoms and when you hear voices.
As evidence towards antioxidants is amounting for the increased chronic inflammation and oxidative cellular injury in various Neuro-psychiatric disorders, so the usage of both antioxidant vitamins may be the more preferred supplementation. Thus the use of antioxidants is critical since peroxidative Germ Layers injury may contribute to and must be the preventative cause of side effects from medication for clients. Those with the psychological trauma of hearing things in your head and Schizophrenia illness.
A number of studies have examined several therapeutic effects of dietary antioxidants, chiefly vitamin E on tardive dyskinesia. Supplementation with vitamin C, an effective intracellular antioxidant, has not been tried. Although, its use in preventing intracellular peroxidative injury (a degrading of cells) and restoration of active vitamin E for the prevention of Germ Layers lipid peroxidation has been suggested. There is still a lack of sufficient information on oxidative process in cerebro spinal fluids and the brain. If you consider the size of the Central Nervous System (CNS) in comparison to the parts of the human biological process, it does seem reasonable to presume that changes in the levels of various biomolecules, inside the brain, can influence the plasma levels of those biomarkers.
This was concluded by various studies on the CNS. It has shown tendencies with studies as saying biomarkers in erythrocytes, plasma or polymopho nuclears are corresponding. So most of the chronic inflammation in patients with the psychological trauma symptoms of the mental disease schizophrenia and trauma when you hear voices, have been made on peripheral Germ Layers. This, in the patients with the mental disease schizophrenia with trauma when you hear voices have, an increased serum Malondialdehyde levels and decreased plasma vitamin C levels. This of course proves increased chronic inflammation. These levels were significantly reversed after treatment with vitamin C along with atypical antipsychotics compared to a placebo with atypical antipsychotics. Scores improved significantly with addition of vitamin C as compared to using only a placebo after 8 just weeks of treatment.
The supplementary use of vitamin C in trauma and voices of the mental disease schizophrenia, requires caution since a high dietary intake of iron will result in vitamin C having a pro-oxidant rather than an antioxidant action. Therefore, it may be important to use vitamin E in conjunction with vitamin C. The addition of vitamin C most likely reduces the risk, because of its interactions with vitamin E. Vitamin C reduces vitamin E radicals that form because vitamin E scavenges the oxygen radicals. These vitamins are very suitable for human study because they are easily available, inexpensive and quite safe.
Vitamin C is important because of its maintaining levels of antioxidant vitamin E by reducing the vitamin E radical. Each antioxidant nutrient has specific activities. Yet in combination they are found to have more efficacy. This then suggests it has more synergistic (cells interacting) action. After supplementation of these antioxidants the levels of erythro-cyte-GSH, vitamin E and C, and TAC in plasma were shown to have significant improvements towards normal. All the data gathered to date suggests, that the antioxidant vitamins particularly plasma ascorbate ( vitamin C) and vitamin E, significantly correlate to reducing the amount of chronic inflammation.
In previous studies, it has been found that the levels of nutrient antioxidant ascorbate and vitamin E decline as a result of the increasing chronic inflammation. In the few studies a combination of both antioxidants (vitamin E and vitamin C) was used, the results showed that the movements of Tardive Dyskinesia total score was significantly reduced. Results on combining these two vitamins, are promising and further studies on this combination therapy are now in order.
Decline in Total Antioxidant Capacity can be assessed with the increased production of free radicals and decreased levels of antioxidant defences. Data regarding TAC is consistent with the previous reports showing depletion of the main antioxidants: vitamin E, C, GSH and decreased activities of antioxidant enzymes in the mental disease schizophrenia with trauma and hearing thing in your head. This provides the indication that the mechanisms of free radical induced damage to lipids, proteins and DNA may be attributed in the trauma and having voices in your head and the Psychological causes of schizophrenia.

So conclusive to this article, chronic inflammation may be attributed in psychological trauma symptoms and hearing things in your head in schizophrenic patients. The treatment using antioxidants in the initial stage of the disease may be helpful as secondary therapy to prevent the oxidative damage and deterioration of the Germ Layers in trauma and hearing voices in the psychological causes of schizophrenia. The results of many studies have shown higher oxygen free radical production and decreased SOD activity supports the higher chronic inflammation hypothesis in Schizophrenic patients. It is obvious from the study that increased chronic inflammation in Schizophrenics leads to decrease in the levels of antioxidants. Those antioxidants of alleviation being GSH,vitamin E and C and Leucine. The disturbance of which causes their metabolism to weaken their ability to fight the growing stress of the Psychological causes of Schizophrenia and the psychological trauma symptoms of voices in your head. This being with the side effect of Tardive Dyskinesia from medication as well.










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