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The Psychological trauma symptoms in the human trauma in the brain's Amygdala as severe Anxiety Disorders symptoms': the globalised generation of computerised non-recycled bins in the head. 

This area of the brain – the human Amygdala Anxiety system - gives anything from constant worrying, to Psychological trauma and Amygdala anxiety disorder. It can even lead to the mental health condition of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the Psychological trauma of voices inside head. Voices inside head is a term psychiatry roughly use in their higher status of Western/Eastern ethics!, when in fact it all stems from, either the open Throat 5th neck Chakra left or right hempishere. This area of Eastern ethics is known as the inner voice box in Western ethics. But how does the inner voice box relay from the human trauma and Amygdala Anxiety system, I hear you ask. 

The Psychological trauma symptoms of the cerebral Amygdala trauma based Psychological Anxiety Disorders, that are the thought centre that acts like a recycle bin for the brain. And yes, it needs emptying! But how is that actually achieved? Well the human Amygdala and Anxiety system in the brain has two sides to its function. The right side has three positive uses: 

  • The power of positivism 

  • The power to rationalise 

  • Pleasure responses also exist here 

It is, however, the left side that people have problems with, in this modern world. It is where the person who tends to worry or have fearful anxious thoughts, exist in a world that they will not let go of. It is the area of the brain that I have come to realise needs emptying. Much like the recycle bin on a modern computer, it needs emptying. 

This I say is a Prolactin and vitamin D2 deficiency dysfunction in the body/brain barrier. I add that the Brain’s dysfunction is due to unconscious Alpha wave Tinnitus frequency’s in the left-hand-side of the human trauma and Amygdala fear and Anxiety region from the Psychological trauma symptoms of mental Anxiety Disorders symptoms, due to a lack of these two neurochemicals. However, Prolactin Elevation causes stimulation of the right-hand-side of the more positive thinking side of the cerebral Amygdala fear and Anxiety response in the brain. That is people with the Psychological trauma symptoms of severe Anxiety Disorders. I say that of Prolactin Antipsychotics, just remove the vitamin D2 blockade for it to work! This elevation of Prolactin is a vital component, I feel in the alleviation of the human Amygdala in Anxiety conditions in Psychological trauma symptoms, such as Psychological OCD in the trauma of Obsessive thought symptoms, in the so-called head region. It also helps to rationalise thoughts that are worrying via my idea of the brain having two access points to the body/brain barrier. The area concerning thoughts and two different voices inside your head issues is the open Throat 5th Chakra, or the inner voice box in western terms. 

The issue in antipsychotic is D2 blockade in the body/brain barrier and the inner voice box of the left hand Pharynx and the right hand Larnyx. At these points, issues of the brain can be re-enhanced via Prosody of tonal sounds and words. The will and the power of wordage put into self-interpretation. This I see as Script narration and can be used for assessment of the Inner thought Experiences. I say that vitamin D2 blockade to the body causes Psychological trauma symptoms in the human Amygdala and Anxiety of the clearing Throat Chakras of its left and right function to the Medulla. This blockade of D2 causes - in turn - the increased Inner thought Experience in the role of the trauma and Amygdala function in Psychological trauma symptoms and Amygdala Anxiety disorders. 

These Obsessive thoughts are, part of the neurochemistry of the body/brain barrier, of the inner voice box and the Glossopharyngeal nerve dysfunction of the 3 Germ Layers and Chakras. These two areas relay to the Chakras and Germ Layers human trauma and Amygdala fear and Anxiety response region, where thoughts are usually Consolidated into the Prefrontal Cortex. This all stems from the Medulla and not the Thymus - as Eastern sciences say in terms of the Manipura Chakra. Here, they say, neurological disorders attain too. When a vitamin D1 overload happens, the Cortical Circuit of the eyes dysfunction. This dysfunction begins in the Lacrimal gland in the breathing passages and affects the Chakra or Germ Layers if you like, in the emission of Alpha waves of energy into the eyes via the body/brain barrier of Cortical rebooting. In the Norm of Society blinking a Cortical reboot becomes a standard, but when the system of the body/brain barrier, has an Alpha wave D1 dysfunction, the Cortical rebooting that realigns the brain, in the human Amygdala trauma of the Throat 5th Chakra, does not exist. Cortical rebooting is achieved when the system momentarily shuts down via blinking. This is known as Dry Eye Disease or the medicament induced version of Tardive Dyskinesia. As air moves over the Lacrimal gland and to unblock Throat Chakra two inner voice box areas, the Alpha wave hypersensitivity, causes a Delta wave Histamine reaction. This is an allergic reaction or Dry Eye Disease in the sinuses and visual Cortex via a Yeast infection. This can cause the term of the Psychological trauma symptoms of a voices in head disorder and many other emotional disorders that form as a Facial Conformity Disorder.   

A Facial Conformity Disorder is where the Psychological trauma symptoms of the emotional trauma state of the facial and neck muscles conforms to the actual stances. These create the traumatic worry or human Amygdala Anxiety trauma, of these Psychological trauma symptoms issues. The facial stance creates feelings that are sent via: the human Amygdala based Anxiety; to the Cranial nerves; too the skulls and necks muscles. This creates a vicious cycle of Psychological  trauma symptoms of worrying thought trauma and Psychological trauma symptoms of thoughts. It is where the Cranial nerves are then interpreted in the inner voices box that causes unblock Throat Chakra techniques. If left unchecked then worry and the human Amygdala and Psychological trauma symptoms in acute and severe Anxiety disorders can sound like voices in the head. A common mistake psychiatry makes is their interpretation of voices! Mental Schizophrenia and severe OCD have distinct routes, as to how the Psychological trauma symptoms and voices inside your head are heard via: a Facial Conformity Disorder. This creates the head and neck to become a dysfunction in the formed Germ Layers and Chakras of an Ego Identity.

The human Amygdala and Anxiety and its Psychological trauma symptoms are an issue of the left-hand side of the inner voice box via the Pharynx. Schizophrenic trauma is the inner voice box dysfunction of the Larynx. These two separate conditions of voices in head disorder need to be readdressed in psychiatry. In a physical sense of mental Schizophrenic trauma and Psychological trauma symptoms of the human Amygdala and Anxiety, these can be seen as a Myoclonus condition in the closed Throat Chakra and it's Western term of the Germ Layers inner voice box. 

This inner voice box is known as the Throat in the fifth Chakra where the Western Embryonic Germ Layers assess Pathogenic Biopsychosocial interaction. This interaction I know as Script narration. An extension of Erving Goffman’s Script and ‘The story that is happening all around us....’ (Open University, 2007, U.K, DD100). Its narration are the devices of the inner throats energy that gives tonal vibration of Prosodic tones, sounds, thoughts and vocalising voices psychiatry! A discussion by two people are voices? A common mistake that devious busy psychiatrists like to say are 'Do you hear voices'?. So just bear in mind: if you psychiatrist’s ask whether we hear voices, we reply with, yes, it’s our discussion through voice of our group voices of Script narration. An echo in the time of Scripture. 

This Prosodic Biopsychosocial interaction is where East meets West and how much more advancement can be made in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) via the: left and right Chakras Hemispheres of Embryonic Germ Layers. Not only in CBT, but in becoming a Mindful Optimist as well. Being Mindful is not how it suggests, it is the art of using the power of the mind to control answers via body language that is wordless to the self of Core Identity. Not that of control freaks listening and diagnosing misinterpreted voices. After all, to diagnose voices you must hear discussions from the voice? 

As noise of Script narration reverberates around the Human body - from everywhere and everything - the body stores reverberating kinetic energy, it should result in body motions, not Antipsychotic mutism and lethargy and misguided erraticism. Hence the erratic motions in some suffering the trauma of Dry Eye Disease or psychiatric inducement of Tardive Dyskinesia via medication blockade of vitamin D2 receptors. That blockade gives Alpha waves of D1 hypersensitivity of spasmodic motion instead of relaxed motion. Without D2 receptors the body loses Rest and Digest. Hence, the mind’s Ignorance and Disassociation cannot be achieved in the Core Identity Throat in the fifth Chakra of the Western inner voice box. 

In my own Core Identity of self-discovery of the Self-Behavioural Analysis (SBA) in Mindfulness, vitamin D2 is vital for the function of the tonal Prosodic Inner thoughtless Experience via intermittent breath. When there is an Alpha wave dysfunction of vitamin D1 hyperactivity, thoughts become intense or become a Psychological trauma symptoms of worry or human Amygdala based Anxiety via the left side of the cerebral Amygdala. This – sometimes traumatic Psychological trauma symptoms and cerebral Amygdala based Anxiety or Psychological worrying. It is where the body/brain interaction is from the left side of the open Throat Chakra Prosody because Presence of Core Identity. This has removed the Psychological trauma symptoms in the cerebral Amygdala's and anxiety region abilities' and keeps recycling thoughts instead. Within the Western Conjoining of knowledge, it’s the Pharynx of the Germ Layers of the Mesoderm and Ectoderm tissues in the inner voice box. This area causes the unblock Throat Chakra release then enters the Embryonic nerves of the Glossopharyngeal nerve. This inner throat area, is an area of the body/brain barrier, that is the main dysfunction in the traumatic Inner thought Experiences of suffers of Psychological trauma symptoms and Anxiousness. It can be seen as the Psychological trauma of voices in the head – an Inner thought Experience. This Inner thought Experience is where the inner ear perceives the thought patterns. This is, within the left-hand-side of the voice box of the Throat Chakra release. Mental Schizophrenia is an Outer Experience of the Biopsychosocial interaction to the inner voice box. The right-hand-side - Projecting to the inner ear.  

As the breath passes over the left side of the Chakra in throat, Prosodic energies become a Script narration. This can cause an Inner thought Experience. This is via a Sympathetic nerve lacking, vitamin D2 and the Glossopharyngeal nerve causing, the right-hand-side of the human Amygdala region, that gives a lack of Recall in the emotional Reflex response, from the Prefrontal Cortex. The body/brain barrier has an inner voice box of the open Throat Chakra release area dysfunction, in the energy, where the body/brain barrier resonates Prosodic Inner tonal emotional Experiences, of neurochemical energies in Exothermic and Endothermic reactions. This is via the Ectoderm tissue of the outer Germ Layers – of which the brain is also part of. This dysfunction - that is an Adaptation of the Bicameral mind, of natured thoughtful sensations, from the cerebral Amygdala of brain, interpreting body language, instead of it using the Prefrontal Cortex of emotions of wordless breath. I say the main concern for suffers of thought induced mental illnesses is their lack of vitamin D2. When someone sufferers a deficiency in Vitamin D2, the Sympathetic nerve cannot give the emotional stimulus response of Disassociation towards the Fight or Flight syndrome response. 



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