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This Psychosocial traumatic Phobia trauma is not only a fear of open places because it can be a trauma of fear or rather traumatic dread of people. In terms of open spaces the trigger in its extreme relates to having a delusional state of having no escape routes. Logically there is a clear exit that can usually be taken via the front door. If you find yourself using online shopping as a convenience that is okay, but some of you may be using it because of trauma of agoraphobia and the trauma of sublime emotional trauma it causes in the electro-chemical system of the body/brain barrier. Emotional trauma is created via SECRET sublime voices of trauma to what is your life narration of body ignorance created in public places of communication that happens all around us.


In the early stages the term used for what are traumatic symptons of agoraphobia in the U.k system is 'Avoidance'. Visiting your doctor in the early stages just for a chat can be all it takes to stop traumatic dread or trauma of fear building via: thoughts; external sounds; friends or family visiting; or going out and confronting the sublime issues of secret voices of sublime trauma giving you trauma of the brains Sympathetic nerve. This area gives notions of a Adaptation known as Fight or Flight. These are what you should discuss with your doctor and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy allowing emotions towards the sublime issues created in the Buzz of crowded emotional voices Buzzing sublime trauma of loud mouthed paranoia. This is where Psychosocial Phobias become a definition of trauma of mental illness reality. A simple loud bang outside or arguments drifting through the window can cause trauma of alarm in the self. This is not necessarily a problem, but sometimes the mind set tricks the body into a Conformity of electro-chemical triggers for trauma of mentality destabilisation. This however causes a conformity of electro-chemical signals that can occur in a traumatic negative factor. This is within the trauma of the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic nervous system. These two systems of the Central nervous system (C.N.S) work to compensate one and other to keep you relaxed. Not only when indoors but also when you are out and about.







Trauma of mentality affliction is the cause: not necessarily in the early stages due to the next door neighours arguing. This is because it is a part of consciousness that usually compensates with annoyance and a trauma of ridiculing conversation or a laugh at their expense with family or friends or a television moment. Being prone in a traumatic mental illness it is the sublime arguments that causes you the dread or fear Conformity of electro-chemical neural stimulants of inner and outer Self. That is the Psychosocial Phobia factor that needs to be overcome. If you do not seek advice then Paranoia - its base cause - is NOT compensated within the body/brain divide of the Sympathetic system of 'Fight or Flight' in then the body/brain barrier then causes electro-chemicals releasing a scent. That then causes the trauma of agoraphobiacs fear or traumatic panic disorder with agoraphobia towards secret sublime life narration of unconscious reactions to trauma of secret voices of trauma in public places. Or the need to make a quick exit where paranoia is replaced as panic disorder with trauma of agoraphobia. People can release it but are never affected by it, but you as someone suffering this definition of traumas of mental health then react to these Psychosocial scents, sounds and vocal noise as triggers in your body/brain divide. These are electro-chemicals that may then release a scent from your body that causes a stabilising of the trauma of panic disorder of trauma to those secret sublime voices of your life story (natures sublime codes of Script narration).







In Psychology the word used is Psychosocial where electro-chemicals are a part of how emotion and physical reactions are made in your Core Identity (Self). Extreme causes also involve Peripheral vision or in other words: something caught out the corner of the eye. Or someone that is trying to creep towards you from behind to startle you with a surprise shout right behind you. Trauma of loud noises from outside can also cause emotional triggerstriggers involving Peripheral views. Here what you need to understand is that these motions cause an unseen facial stance. If established your reaction will purely be instinctual without Peripheral sight or sublime reactional hearing causing body or speech notions in your consciousness. Bathing is an obvious, but more Symbolic in nature (Symbolism) is to wash the hands after going to the toilet and frown and close the eyes. Read because it might sound stupid, but it gives the subconscious reason to apply Symbolic Analysis. These actions via body ignorance cause the 'Fight or Flight' compensations of the C.N.S into triggering a concern into fight instead of flight. In terms of physical aggression the Parasympathetic motion will compensate in the use it gives via 'Rest and Digest'. So after washing the hands blow out your breathing loud and fast. If you do have natural aggressional tendancies do not this motion because that is something in your aggression. This route can actually cause sublime reactions in your senses that then cause electro-chemicals to be stimulated within the body and brain. If practised long enough chemical signals in the brain will start to react to what that washing notion causes to what really is a smelly issue at times. This can help you regain calm instead of getting trauma of panic because the electro-chemical will act to analyse internal circuits causing you to stay in the relaxed state of the Parasympathetic reasoning of relaxing in the 'Rest and Digest' action potentials that will relieve the trauma of panic and traumatic fear.


The problem though can be that you could overcompensate and 'Digest' too much information via the Sympathetic system causing 'Flight' overloading. What helps here is Cortical rebooting. If you visit the academic page of mine                            you can download the first 94 pages of my third Socio-psychologist E-book free. Anyway these can be overcome with breathing excercises as well. Short sharp huffing is a sign involved in a silenced 'Fight' and blowing causes a circumstantial change in the electro-chemistry surrounding you and getting you away from the trauma of the Psychosocial soup. At this point changes can start to happen in the terms of your sublime Script narration and what scents you moved around within in the electro-chemical soup scent of Psychosocial congregating even when at home.  


Now what you need to realise here is that you need not be scared of people because it is simply you releasing hormones that you breathe in from your personal self. People are actually ignoring you because it is not a part of their electro-chemical reactions in the Psychosocial life of sublime notions of interaction. So be a bit more brave and I do suggest to do as this page is trying to tell you.


In some traumatic fear can be a physical state of problems within the thought processes causing a panic/fear episode in the Autonomic nervous system. (A.N.S). Trauma of and Thought can be triggered by noise that either causes alarm or an undefined feeling of a traumatic panic disorder with trauma of agoraphobia or fear. These sounds or sublime unheard voices of trauma give noised triggers that cause the emotional trauma of Agoraphobia both indoors or when out and about. It is the cause of your Psychosocial interaction to noise that reaches your inner sublime hearing boundaries. It really is that simple to explain in the most basic way of how trauma of Agoraphobia trauma of sublime mentality issues surface. If you do not suffer the condition caused in the trauma of Agoraphobia of an emotional traumatic panic disorder it is because your Parasympathetic nervous system is compensating in a normal functional way. This can however be a cause of trauma of irrational thoughts or fear trauma because you 'Rest and Digest' in thought patterns without the Sympathetic system making you alert towards sublime notions reaching your inner ear of Self-thought. This can eventually become a trauma of sublime voices and thoughts of paranoid emotional states in behavioural body and vocal mentalism, Theory of Mind and Embodiment (communication skills and Ego Identity). It is your way of living a form of Psychosocial Phobia paranoia. It does not mean you hear voices of trauma though because your Core Identity is acting according to your Psychosocial sublime interaction as having your own Theory of Mind in conscious unworded sublime background noise. The latter are how thoughts are processed and define levels involving a Norm of Scoiety in Psychosocial interactions of 'The Taste/smell of Coffee' or day/night/day continuum. Thoughts begin somewhere and that is usually from the essence of Self in the latter establishment. When in the public domain or with vindicative friends two problems can arise.

The first is the public domain. If you are susceptible to the trauma of a  mental illness tonal effects from the crowds Psychosocial Buzz can have adverse reactions in its formulation that defines a sense of panic or fear. Tonal effects on the hearing causes trauma of internal emotions to stir into a conscious reaction that can cause fear or panic disorder with trauma of agoraphobia in your electro-chemistry of inner/outer motion from notions. That is what friends do they use tonal effects that help your emotional mood stay within the boundaries you have set as friendship adequacies. However a true friend goes the extra mile and keeps talking in ways that keep you calm or happy. Friends can only do so much though to settle your own electro-chemical soup.


The second issue is people and friends. If you feel your trauma of Agoriaphobia was caused in your friendships then please do visit the above link. Sometimes emotions caused by friendship can cause turmoil of trauma that becomes an trauma of agoraphobia of trauma of notions emotionally. Its extension from people is via a Psychosocial link to reactants caused in friendships. Being gullible means you do not have a strong Theory of Mind relating to intuitional notions the your tonal effects and body ignorance purveys. This in turn causes your sleep processes to assess your electro-chemical soup. I call it the day/night/day continuum where the day is processed at night and taken back to the day of a Psychosocial Performance. A Performance is the day to day noises and communication methods that you usually only hear and respond to by consciously looking in the direction for the noise disturbance. This is how Peripheral is viewed in the strength of your Theory of Mind. A method that can be used here is to adjust your head in moments of Peripheral vision. Its a bit like someone talking behind your back. This means two terms of: if someone spoke behind you, you might turn around; but also someone across the room may be talking about you. The natural route can sometimes be for the ears to locate this person via the trauma of emotional Peripheral viewing. However in the establishment of trauma of agoraphobia susceptible people can have triggers caused by tonal emotional trauma of ranges that might interfere with your P.N.S (Peripheral nervous system) via instinct affecting the body/brain barrier as a definition of an emotional trauma of mental illness. It is the bi-product of the imbalances caused in your electro-chemistry of scent reactions caused in 'Fight or Flight' (emergence of traumatic Panic Disorder with trauma of Agoraphobia) and 'Rest and Digest' also termed as 'Freeze and Disassociate' of the day/night/day continuum. This is the cause of naturalised susceptibility to a Conformity definition of a traumatised body mentality illness.


The Trauma of voices and Body Mentalists are E-books on the website that deal with many and more of the issues involved in this website. Samples can be read in the search menu or please use this  button to buy the E-books.

Bereavement and earlier times of trauma can be triggers that only emerge years later in traumatising agoraphobia. This is because of how Psychosocial interaction forms in a trauma of life narration. The Trauma of Voices and Body Mentalists aim to cure that. Put another way bodily notions start to conform to trauma of tonal echoes of trauma that follow you when out and about. You then confirm your state of traumatic panic disorder trauma with trauma of agoraphobia or traumatising fear at times when your electro-chemical soup conforms to the particular tonal echo located across the room from someone that is totally un-related to you. Buy the E-books they might just cause the change you need in your soup.

If you visit your doctor they may ask you questions such as these:

•Do you find leaving the house stressful?

•Are there certain places or situations you have to avoid?

•Do you have any avoidance strategies to help you cope with your symptoms, such as relying on others to shop for you?


It can sometimes be difficult to talk about your feelings, emotions and personal life. However, try not to feel anxious or embarrassed. Overcoming the trauma of agoraphobia and its body/brain barrier of emotional trauma is possible.


Anxiety can be considered as a trauma of fear, whereas embarrassed in a state of traumatic panic described by not knowing where to turn for conscious help or needing to irrationally hide. Your first route then is to talk to a Counsellor or trained Doctor. By doing this you break the rule of trauma of 'Avoidance' by seeking help for a sublime trauma of issues that cannot be fully explained to your conscious Self personally. Thought becomes an option but that causes a state of sublime acceptance to thoughts containing traumatic fear and a resultant trauma of panic to get out of the place can then occur. This sublime is the trauma of embarrassment and trauma of anxiety that you will be laughed at or ridiculed for running out of a door for no reason. That is the Psychosocial trauma of paranoia that is a real stigma of trauma of the fear and panic disorder with trauma of agoraphobia that needs to be overcome. This sublime embarrassment and anxiousness of trauma is what keeps you seated instead of making that appointment via conscious interaction input. Even those staying seated and putting up with it in a form of 'Rest and Digest' into 'Flight' without a conscious cause to verbally playfully 'Fight' via words. Yes fight back with body ignorance notions then that can make the necessary electro-chemical changes naturally to your trauma of Body mentalists attitude and in some cases without medicaments. I do suggest a visit to the G.P (M.D) just as a emotional confidence booster to what can be truly a trauma of sublime issues to societal trauma of voices and traumatic noises from background sounds.


Around a third of people overcoming the trauma of agoraphobia eventually achieve a complete trauma of agoraphobic cure and remain free from symptoms of this traumatic mentality disorder of trauma of agoraphobia disorder.


Around half experience an improvement in symptoms but they may have periods when their traumatic symptoms become more troublesome – for example, if they feel stressed. This stress and trauma of the sublime is the Psychosocial acceptance that needs to be broken with breathing excercises and body mentalist ignorance when the Conditional Stimulus is heard via sublime voice reactants from across the room. That is the secrecy known as sublime voices of trauma of: a crowded Buzzing emotional room of sounds and vocal noise causing; stimulation to the Inner Experience to that of Self (Core Identity).                              


Despite treatment for these voices of sublime trauma, about one in five people still suffer with the trauma of agoraphobia and continue to experience troublesome trauma of a mentality disorder symptom in the U.K. I hope you decide to download the E-books: The Trauma of Voices and Body Mentalists. They changed my life via using natural Self-behavioural Analysis (S.B.A) and they might and should just do the same for you as well.


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