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Acetylcholine (pronounced as ah-Seh-til-KO-leen). It is an organic molecule that acts as a neurotransmitter in human biology. It is an ester of acetic acid and choline. Acetylcholine is just one of many neurotransmitters involved within the autonomic nervous system (ANS). It causes reactants in the peripheral nervous system (PNS) and central nervous system (CNS).


Acetylcholine is also the primary neurotransmitter (brain electro-chemical) in all autonomic ganglia. An autonomic ganglion is a cluster of nerve cell bodies (a ganglion) in the autonomic nervous system. The two types involved with Acetylcholine mentioned here are the sympathetic ganglion and parasympathetic ganglion. These two body/brain barriers perform a ‘Fight or Flight’ and ‘Rest and digest’, but also causes Disassociation to what the trauma of sublime reactants in your traumatic life story might be causing via the trauma of sublime PNS that should causing body mentalist ignorance instead of a Psychological trauma of sublime acute Paranoid Disorders. A bit like catching something out the corner of your eye, or the paranoid feelings of thinking someone is talking about you. In cardiac tissue (heart) the acetylcholine neurotransmission has an inhibitory effect, which lowers heart rate via decreasing the traumatic paranoid or trauma of panic effect of the Sympathetic nerve. This will be because of its effect of re-harmonising the imbalance in the latter two ganglion. However it stops the heart racing into a traumatic feeling of Pathogenic panic like state due to overstimulation in the Sympathetic nervous system also located in the back of the brain. But this can cause a sublime sleepy state instead or the placebo of yawning.


The trauma of Acetylcholine has also been linked to traumatic mental depression. In the sleepy state of the traumatized Parasympathetic nerve the facial feature can conform to looks of sadness that extends from the sleepy looking state. This if left unchecked can eventually shape itself in the traumatic Psychosocial (localised life story) Traumatic Pathogenic Enzymes flooding you with trauma of feelings that influences your electro-chemical and scent reactions. This then defines the facial features as a trauma of mental depression.











Autonomic Ganglion. (the sympathetic (red) and parasympathetic (blue) systems).

Acetylcholine (ACh) was discovered in 1915 by Henry Hallett Dale via its reactions on heart tissue. This is where the traumatized body/brain barrier exists in the trauma of the imbalance of harmony in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system. It was confirmed as a neurotransmitter by Otto Loewi. He named this organic chemical the Vagusstoff because it is emitted as an electro-chemical reaction from the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve also has links to the trauma of thought and the Psychological trauma of sublime speech. Both of the scientists received the 1936 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the research that they carried out. Acetylcholine was also the first neurotransmitter to be identified.


In the autonomic nervous system, acetylcholine is released in the following sites:

• all pre- (before) and post-ganglion (after) parasympathetic neurons.

• all pre-ganglion sympathetic neurons.


Via its production at these two zones, the heart rates remains stable in the ‘Rest and Digest’ and Disassociation of your senses relating to sublime reactions from outer body stimulation that can cause you to traumatically panic or cause you trauma of depression.


In its stimulus of the central nervous system, Acetylcholine has a variety of effects as a regulator upon Plasticity, Arousal and Reward.














The trauma of Plasticity is how we are molded into being a Core Identity (Self) in the trauma of Psychosocial enactment of life’s negotiations in the Buzz (sounds and noises) of the public crowd. This then forming echoes of that tonal Buzz in the Inner Experience of trauma of the Tinnitus frequencies. This is a causation through the trauma of body mentalist language deficiencies and communication that the electro-chemical sensual soup causes towards others’. It is via scent absorption (caused by noises and sounds Buzzing Inner Core Identity of the trauma of Tinnitus frequencies) in what I call Glandular Sensual Neuron points (acupuncture) in the body mentalist essence that then causes brain reactions in the trauma of your blood body/brain barrier.

The Reward system is a group of neural structures that are critically involved in negotiating  the effects of Reinforcement. A Reward is an appetitive stimulus given to a human or some other animals to alter its trauma of behaviour (Conditioning). This is your traumatized Theory of Mind and it is how you negotiate via communication and body mentalist language to this communication via what you purvey to your Psychosocial (sublime and conscious interaction) when out in public life.


Psychosocial is the life story where all in a public Performance of say a coffee shop cause electro-chemical signals and tonal echoes that is an incomprehensible state of sublime Psychosocial reactions. This is then taken into your programming of the body/barrier of your traumatic sleep processing your day/night/day continuum of electro-chemical reactions. A Reinforcer is something that, when presented after a behavior, causes the probability of that behavior's occurrence again.  This may increase your authoritive vocal tones and bodily stature in what you say and do when communicating. Talking Placebos in your sleep cycles can serve as Reinforcers in your day/night/day continuum and knowing Tinnitus frequencies can allow for a trauma of mental illness to be semiconsciously removed via sublime vocal patterns into Core Identity. Just because something is labelled as a Reward, it does not necessarily imply that it is a Reinforcer because the period of night and sleep is purely a electro-chemical reaction. In terms of being a Reinforcer it is only reinforced when the use of body mentalist Ignorance causes the silence of what your Theory of Mind communicates to the public narration where scent and Glandular Sensual neuron release into the Tinnitus frequencies of Homeostatic Script narration. Body mentalist Ignorance, for example: causes you to raise your thumb at the sublime reactions to the electro-chemical soup and Buzz  that surrounds us all as a Psychosocial Performance. The latter is a state of the crowds Buzzing energy that causes communication and body mentalist ignorance. This is known as localized Script narration. A Reward can be defined as a Reinforcer only if its delivery increases the probability of a Psychosocial behavior and Buzz echo into Tinnitus frequency. The trauma of Acetylcholine has importance in the enhancement of sensory perceptions (PNS) towards the trauma of Psychosocial soup disorders.


It also stimulates us when we wake up and is part of helping aid us in sustaining attention. This is caused by the Sympathetic nervous Ganglia increasing the heart rate from its sleepy state. The trauma of attention is a key issue in the barrier between conscious interaction and the sublime state of the trauma of mental Depression. By trauma of Acetylcholine sustaining attention to the Inner ‘thought’ Experience via Traumatic Pathogens of the Buzz the body’s electro-chemicals reactants can cause enhancement of your life skills should localized Script narration that cause so via body mentalist attitudes of body Reinforcers. These Reinforcers cause energy to Buzz frequencies in the Psychological trauma of Tinnitus as a part of Traumatic Pathogens Enzyme signals. This is in your Psychosocial life story of personal reaction to sounds, noise and scent. This scent permeates from the bodies of all involved in the life story (Performance) of a Psycho Social establishment.


Acetylcholine also confirms its use in decision making. One well-supported function of acetylcholine (ACh) in the cortex of the brain is increased responsiveness to the Psychological trauma of sublime sensory stimuli that is a form of attention responses to that Buzz from the crowd. This Buzz is a sublime reaction that causes the Psychological trauma of the mental state of sublime Psychological trauma of hearing voices in your head. But due to superstition it is built on a delusional state of denial of what is your own life story. Phasic increases of ACh during visual, auditory and somatosensory stimulus in a Performance to the Psychosocial have been found to increase the firing rate of neurons in the corresponding primary sensory (sight and sounds) reactions towards areas of the sublime and how the firing of electro-chemicals cause you to react as a core Identity (Self) of consciousness in your Attention Span of Insignificance via ignorant body mentalist language. In terms of Theory of Mind a conscious thumb can alleviate the symptoms of falling into a negative sublime state of panic or the Psychological trauma of hearing voices in your head. Rules of thumb are just a small part of what the E-book Body Mentalists teaches you. Like I said look around the website for a clearer understanding of some wording.


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